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Fund Raiser Pics


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OK guys, some of you have been asking me to post pics of my big Fund Raiser. I have a few to post. I have a new space this year to do my candles in and it worked out nicely! mystical_angel, tlc26 and I got all the candles poured and labled way before the deadline. My order was down a little this year compared to others, but I expected that because of the economy. At first the school placed an order for 270 cases and after we had poured all of those and all my help had left ....they called me telling me that they had several orders turned in late and wanted to know if I could add them....SURE, NO PROBLEM! money is money...right? I poured and labled 42 cases in 2 evenings after working full days at work. The process is getting easier each year!

I am posting pics of the process and of us having fun in upstate New York!

1. Pouring table full of freshly poured candles.

2. Finished candles ready for Delivery.

3. Set Up for Pouring

4. tlc26 & Kimberly out having a few drinks and Wings

5. Kimberly & tlc26 singing Karaoke

6. Pic of outback while Kimberly and tlc26 were 4wheeling







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WOW... That is a lot of candles..

Thanks for sharing the pictures!! They were great!!

Hey Kim .. What song were you belting out there!!

LOL...It was Paradise by the Dashboard light. I get tired of people butchering that song...so I do the Meatloaf part and Tabatha did the other.

Chrisasst...I do the Fundraiser with Northside Blodgett every yr.

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We really do know how to have a good time and get some candles made too!!!

I will be up there soon for a soaping excursion!!! You think I am dye challenged wait until you see me with soap!!!!! Come to think of it I did just fine with the dye this year. I only used a few sprays of the GOO GONE instead of almost a full bottle!!! I did have Mystical fill the dropper bottles for me though!!

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What, no pics of MA? Did she break the camera? *whistles innocently* :D I'm just teasing MA!!!!

Seriously though, those are some great pics. Love that last pic! I'm scared of that first one. :D

Mystical tends to shy away from the camera...and I do too usually. Thanks! I love my back yard which is where that last pic was taken from. We have 120 acres here. I wanted to post that pic for all of those who have never experienced the beauty of upstate NY. Seems like everyone thinks NY is NY City...NY is a beautiful state!

Scented....oh girl give me a microphone and I will sing anytime! I am singing the National Anthem at a local Basketball tournament this week coming up....I am excited but scared to death too!

And yes, I have a lot of room here. My big hunk of man redid the basement for me and my business. I have my candle/kitchen area that you saw in the pic, a living room/office, bedroom, bathroom and storage area down here. It worked out nicely, was scared I wouldnt have enough room...but it was perfect!

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Hey now, that room looks familiar. :P

I had a blast as usual. Tlc26 did take one incriminating photo of me at the bar. Oye. I'll let her post it, cuz my other half doesn't hang out on candle boards. Heh. Kim and tlc26 LOVE to sing- let me tell you.

This year was easy peasy. Lot's of room. Plus Kim's BF is an amazing cook. I've been spoiled, he even does breakfast for the girls. What a beautiful place, I'll post some pics once I get them out of the camera. No dye incidents, either. LMAO!!

Scented, you need to come back for a visit, I'll take you to the country.

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Congratulations on another notch in the fundraiser belt. I LOVE the annual fundraiser pics. The karaoke one is the icing on the cake - Kimberly you look like you were rockin' that 'mic. You go, girl. I was wondering about MA as well... ;)

Best wishes on your anthem singing. I'd love to do that - not ready yet, though.

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