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My very first CP


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Scented with Calming Water Type. The color ain't very "poppy" but I used liquid diluted coloring and didn't want to get to heavy to start with. I probably should have started with plain white, but... I get so dang antsy!

It's a small batch and after I poured, I realized I didn't tape well enough (no leaking, just looks funky).

It's a little gloppy on top, as soon as the lye touched the oils, it went from clear to goop within 3 seconds or so, tried to mix as fast as my arm would go and get it in there.

Anyways, here ya go.




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Thank you guys! :) At least I know it doesn't *look* like a total wreck. :D How it works, we'll wait and see. I'm determined to give it at least 3 weeks. I soaped again tonight. I'm using some extra sturdy votive boxes that amazingly hold 2lbs. of soap, with no problems. I just - dare I say it - wish I had more oils! :D

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Thank you again! It's sorta looking a bit ashy and the edges are a touch crumbly, but it doesn't zap at all, so I'm gonna have to sit on my hands a few more days! All the "wet spots" are gone now, pretty sure it was some lye, so I was excited! I unmolded it, but since it seemed crumbly, I didn't cut it yet.

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Nice soap!

Congrats on the color. I think my first soap was a plain white salt bar that seized midway thru. What a mess that was.

Save a bar from this batch and put it away for later to look back at and see how far you've come in 6 months and a few years as you develop your own style. It's kinda neat to see the progression and transformation.

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