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Another Whoa Nellie scent (OOB) so we'll see how she does in soap as long the 3 log TOG mold doesn't spring another leak. Yep, log #5. This one spilled over into the third log and out the ends, so hoping it isn't mingling with the FM&G too, but the scents would probably compliment. The colors won't.

Another I used full water on and it could stand to be discounted next time for sure. The black is activated charcoal. The gold is 24K and the other color is one I wish I would have written down from the Select Shade chart.

There's TD in the batch, so we'll see what happens.

Couldn't decide which part of the log I liked more, so I included one with my butts and another with what could be a caricature (minus the sex toy in the upper right corner. Cough.)



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Thanks! Curious what the inside of this log will look like, because I am so tired I don't remember what I did, cept put a layer of gold in there. I do remember the SS shade was 2 parts violet red and 1 part muted red, just not the name of the shade.

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You might be able to tell how off the alignment of one of the logs is with the slant at the left. In talking to Rockin, all he did was clear out the peg holes with the same size drill bit as the hole. I need to just stand them up and take pixs I think, particularly shows on the Of A Woman.



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