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VERY VERY NICE WEBSITE!!! The only thing that I would personally change is the description on your jelly jars, it says that the jars are 8 oz's and it hold (should be holds) 6 oz. of wax, that is a difference of 2 oz's, so I would not want to really bring that up. You might just say that the jelly jar holds 6 oz's. The candles that I make are in 12 oz. container's but I don't tell people that, I do put on the warning label that they are 11 oz's. Since I was told along time ago that you need to put the oz. amt that is actually in the container, but you don't necessarily need to tell them the size. Other than that I would say it is PERFECT. I do love your home page and information that you put about yourself. You kept it short and interesting, so people will actually read it. I love the idea that you are donating a portion of the sales. Good luck and I wish you the best!!!

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