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Soaps off the curing rack.


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Heres some soaps that just got done curing. Jakalex took the pics, I thought she did a great job! They are "Carnival crush" (red) ,"Hippie"Pure Patchouli EO (cream & Brown swirl) "Surf's up "salt bar (light blue), "Peppermint Passion" (speckled EO soap),"Lemongrass & Star Anise" (yellow), "Hawaiian Hibiscus" (green,yellow)"Lavender, Cucumber & Sage "(purple,green,white) "Sweet Sugar " (brownish pink) Monkey Bazaar (banana and colored dark brown and maroon)

allsoap01a-1-1.jpg. soap13a-1.jpgsoapgroup02a-1.jpgsoap03a.jpgsoap05a-1.jpgsoap10a-2.jpg

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Thank you! I had not soaped in a while and had the urge. I had also soaped 2 other fo's Be delicious and Angel types( one with the most beautiful 5 color swirl) and something went wrong with both and they are now in the city dump !!??:embarasse Made me want to scream! LOL

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