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  1. So awesome and generous for you to show the method of your fabulous swirls!!!!!! Thank you! dana
  2. I am so sad to hear this.....I was going to order some. I am not loving their Very Vanilla (but I do LOVE CS!) Bummer dana
  3. Yes....all the input does help! Thank you!!! Dana
  4. Interesting......these are just too ugly ... at least I know it's not just my error! Thanks for the tips and the suggestions! dana
  5. My containers look horrible after a burn....(464). Lumpy, bumpy, crater-y, etc.... Is this characteristic of soy wax, or just the type of soy wax I am using? Thanks in advance, Dana
  6. Sounds like I better do a search and find out what kind to get.... thanks! dana
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice.....huh, I don't even HAVE a heat gun yet but I am looking forward to getting some new waxes to play with. I surely appreciate everyone's advice! I'm sure as I get started I'll have more and more questions!!!! Dana
  8. Hi Tootie! I've read a lot of your posts regarding your work with 464, testing, etc. So glad you've shared all your trials and successes! So.......if soy doesn't do well in any kind of heat, for those who use soy......... what do you do in hot weather, for those of you who sell/show/ship??? I thought about doing a blend, but thought maybe I should start with just the soy first. I have no idea, I'm completely overwhelmed..... My soy candles look even worse today, lol, seems they are oozing oil, my FO I can only assume, since my a/c is off? Whatever it is, they are a complete disaster, lol....
  9. I've decided to start making soy candles. (Currently I'm a 4627 user). I am overwhelmed with the choices, probably even more so than when I chose a paraffin wax a year ago. My *only* wax experience is with 4627, and CS Glass Glow (which I've dabbled in once or twice). I'm ready to get some waxes to start testing, and I know soy is a completely different ball game. In my last CS order I got 10# of 464 to try...I tried pouring a tester yesterday...:rolleyes2 It smells wonderful today, but I messed the tops up I guess because I bumped my table when they were setting up. Anyhow, I'm reading over
  10. Not so good, lol. I haven't been able to single wick it to my satisfaction ... so, today I'll pour a tester and double wick...maybe that will burn nicer for me~ Thanks for asking! dana
  11. i have nothing to add except that i am immensely enjoying this thread! I just love this forum ...you peeps are marvelous! dana
  12. Just started testing last night, only have 1 burn but so far, doing better. This weekend will be the real test lol~ dana
  13. Yep it helps I poured a few more testers yesterday. Thanks! Dana
  14. Thanks for input also I have a few more singles to try before I start testing double wicks. Not sure if my jars are libby....they don't say they are. Anyhoo.....thanks for letting me know what is working for you! dana
  15. Well at least I know with some waxes/wicks it can be done I will test a few more before I resort to double wicking! Thanks to all to replied! :highfive: dana
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