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Candle Suppliers in Atlanta area

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Hi all,

Old member, but long time no post. I'm getting ready to move to Georgia in the next few weeks, but I'm having trouble finding any suppliers in the GA area :(

Does anyone have any info on wax/wicks/container suppliers in the area? I don't see any candle suppliers on the sticky at the top of the discussion board...



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I live near Atlanta and I order from Candlescience in NC, they are great. I usually get my order within 2 days. They have containers too, but there is also Fairway glass that actually ships from somewhere in Georgia and they have good quality glass, good prices and shipping should be reasonable since it would be within the state.

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Hi Brian,

I live in GA, and unfortunately there aren't alot of candle suppliers in GA, now soaping materials there's plenty. For most of my candle supplies I get wax, wicks, and fo's from CandleScience (NC), Tony's Fragrance which is located in GA, have alot of fo's that may be to your liking. I ofter use the states around us to save on shipping, like FL , SC, NC, TN, KY, TX (Bittercreek South, DayStar & Greenleaf). I use other suppliers that are in CT, MI, and NY, the shipping is a little higher but I can't resist their supplies. :D The farthest west I have been is in CO for Peaks fo's.

Wish you the best in your candlemaking adventure.


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Hi Brian - from GA also, I have found quite a few of us in GA! I use Candlescience for my wax and most of my jars. Their fo's are also good. Most of my other fo suppliers are from NC, Ohio, Al. I think those are the states without looking them up. I try to stay as close to home as possible. Like was mentioned earlier, I have also bought fo's from Tony's and A Garden Eastward. Good Luck in GA.

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Hello, Brian,

I moved to Georgia 3 years ago and still getting use to having to order in supplies. I was in Dallas and could pick up everything I needed. I use Candle Science in NC and get a lot of FO's from Ky Candle Wax. What part of Georgia are you moving to?

Stock up on as much as you can before you come.


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