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New--with wick question

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Hello everyone -- first I'd like to say that I have learned SOO much from reading here for the last month. Thanks for your input.

I poured my first candles yesterday and lit up today with disappointing results.


  • ecosoya advanced
  • 8 oz tin (6 oz wax)
  • 3" diameter
  • 1 oz fo/1 lb wax (Asian Amber -- CS)
  • no color
  • LX 22 (as suggested by candlescience)

1st burn test has been for 2.5 + hours -- and have a melt pool approx 2.25 inches - BUT the problem is the flame is so small (like dying any second)! Also--hot throw is not so good--although I didn't wait for it to "cure" I was testing the wick

So --I'm assuming -- need larger wick? I read an older post (with lots of pics) of 3" jelly jar and they used LX 30. That's a big difference.

Any suggestions?

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You can use the other wick types that people are suggesting (ECO could be added to the list), but if you happen to have LX 24 lying around I think it would be worth a try. A larger wick could solve your problem, plus usually sizes LX 24 and up are specially treated to burn better with certain kinds of wax and fragrance.

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I don't use your wax, but I do use LX wicks and in 8 oz. tins I double wicked them for a great burn and good throw. You may be able to use one wick in your wax, but you definately need to wick up. On the down side, you are using Asian Amber FO and all amber scents I have used need much larger wicks as they are difficult to burn. :cool2:

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Thanks for the responses. I put the dud candle in the oven, melted it down and repoured into a 2.5" votive that I had -- same wick LX 22.

Full melt pool in 1 hour, but in 2 hours--the flame is so small it is drowning!

Just don't get it. As mentioned above -- someone else uses an LX 24 in 3" -- I thought I'd get a better response from the smaller container.

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I use the lx 24 in a 3" container with no problem. I just switched to cb135 due to the cba didn't have much hot scent throw. I still am using the lx wicks though but just ordered cnd and rrd. I burn the rrd 50 in my 3" mason jars with all coffee scents other wise they drown out. If I have lighter colors I use the lx 24 in the same jars, but I have never used the scent your using.

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I look forward to you're results Coffeebean. I'm /we're (my wife and I) are new at this so we're trying to absord all we can. So far we're buying all our products from Peak's. They've been really helpful to a "newbie" like us. Thanks...................Jamie

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