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Doing the "Yay for Me" dance!

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I just have to share because I want to POP I am so excited! I recently got into "the" store. It was THE one store in this particular town which I wanted to carry my candles. I kept meaning to contact them, to take them a wholesale pack and candle, but that whole fear of rejection crept in my mind. It is a verrrrrrry upscale shop and I kept making excuses. Well, finally THEY contacted ME. Turns out several of my customers who frequent the store told them about my candles. They placed a $500 initial order to "see how they would do." I delivered their order ten days ago. Their buyer placed an even bigger order today, saying they are flying off the shelves! I am SO excited! I was very curious to see how they would do considering they carry Votivo, Trapp, and several other very upscale candle lines. I only wish I had contacted them sooner!!! Live and learn, huh?

Okay, blatant bragging is over. (maybe) :laugh2:

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Once you get one account, you'll be inclined to get a few more, trust me.

Well, this is my fifth wholesale store and one of my three wholesale accounts (some of my previous stores closed), buuuuuuuut, this one is already blowing the others out of the water! My established ones only do smallish orders (under $400) only about once every 6-8 weeks, so this is a boost in the ole bank account! Kind of gives me a push to go out and seek more, kwim? In the past, they have always come to me. The only thing that scares me is knowing HOW busy I get around Christmas, so I don't want to totally burry myself. Of course I could quit my "real" job, huh? :laugh2:

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Oh and YES Kimberly, I am finally ready to say "Yes my dear friend, you are right. Wholesale IS the way to go." :laugh2: :highfive:

LMAO...I was just gettin ready to post to this thread to give my pat on the back for pushing you! :laugh2: I am so happy for you! I TOLD YOU...Wholesale is the bomb!!! WAY TO GO VE!!!!:highfive:

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