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Does everyone use PKO??


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I have always used PKO and palm.

What do you think would happen if I cut the PKO out and only used palm??

I am thinking my bars wont be as hard..but I am just about out of PKO and need to soap like a mad woman,

any suggestions??



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If you dont use PKO in every soap recipe..what do you use to make your bars hard???

Both CO and OO get quite hard (tho OO can take a while). Lard too gets very hard.

One of my basic recipes is CO, OO, Palm & Canola. It gets plenty hard.

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I've never used PKO in any soaps. Just been using palm - I really like the "no-stir" palm from Columbus Foods! It's very much easier to work with than the regular palm.

One of these days I might give PKO a go, but haven't had the need for it yet.

I don't use any animal fats in my soaps. Just a personal preference plus a business decision. Made one batch with lard early on in my soaping and didn't like it. Though I have used some marvelous bars made with lard by soapers here! :yes:

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I don't use palm or pko in any of my soaps. As long as I use about 60% olive it comes out fine. I stopped using palm when I read about the deforestation of the rain forests. My soaps don't seem to suffer from the lack of palm. And it's money I can spend on other oils.

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