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Fruit Slices


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Thanks, everyone - they DO smell awesome! I hadn't poured this scent in quite awhile, so I forgot how nice it is. I HAD two other 3x3.5's in this group, also, but my dumb a$$ put them in the freezer just to cool for a minute so I could go to bed (it was late, hadn't had any sleep the night before - insomnia sucks) - and I fell asleep! For an hour! My first thought when I opened my eyes was oh no! And they were totally destroyed. :cry2: So I'll melt them back down and make tarts out of them.

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I love those! I got that scent from Peaks in my trial bundles and was wondering how to do something cool with them! I was thinking straight layers and cracking them though. Your's look like they are much neater!!! :)

Don't worry though, I ENTIRELY not good enough to copy! :D

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