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Enabler(s) Alert!!


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I thought I was on their mailing list, but for some reason didn't get a Tennessee Candles newsletter with the $1 sample sale--maybe somebody was trying to keep me from needless spending.

But thanks to someone here posting about the sale, I just ordered 106 samples!!! I use a couple of items from there and figured this is definitely the time to try out anything that sounds even a little bit tempting.

So thanks for enabling my addiction--I'll try to pass it along when I know something!!!


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Any chance of you being done pouring before the sale goes off? :laugh2:

I'm getting my order together still- I have a friend who I'm waiting for to give me a list of what she wants (cause she'll pay for hers lol).

If anyone has a list of "can't live withouts" and "throws so hard it knocked me over" for soy, let me know!!!


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Missy, they actually carry quite a few more than that!! On the first set of pages (A-D or whatever), I started out clicking on everything I wanted--until I realized there were over 70 FOs in that one set--and they had 4 sets. They didn't all have nearly that many, but I'd guess there were at least 150. I was trying to keep it to 100 or I would have just ordered all of them.

And Kristi, I'm afraid I may not even get to start testing before the sale goes off--I would think Friday would probably be the earliest I could expect the order to come in and I have plans for this weekend--so I can't be of much help, particularly since I only use 25% soy.

I do know that their Chestnuts & Brown Sugar is great--was my best seller over the Christmas season, and the Butterscotch Brulee smells fantastic--but for some reason didn't sell for me.


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this is what i've tested so far in 100% soy

amish harvest-blow the doors off strong

peach magnolia raspberry- strong

white nectarine & apple tea- strong

caribbean holiday- one of them sneak up on you scents, first i couldn't smell anything and then pow it hits ya. strong awesome. i couldn't keep my nose out of the bottle and i'm not real big on fruit smells so it has to be awwsome.

that's all i have tested so far.

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Do you have to call to get the sale price? When I went to the shopping cart, it still said $2 per 1oz sample. I usually get their newsletter....dang it....(flipping through emails now).

Anybody have the answer? :undecided

Yeah...I found it....

Sale of the Month

1oz fragrance samples 1.00

No free shipping on special.

Please put Jan. News in comments to get the deal.

Will not show on cart invoice.

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I tried some of their samples in paraffin. Here's what I got done so far:

Butterscotch brulee: HOLY COW!! I used 1 oz pp and it was a BIG mistake. I had a migraine all night it was soooo strong. Smells great, but Im thinking that 1/2 oz pp would've worked. I made melts with it and don't even have to light them to fragrance the room at the 1 oz pp ratio. It's sold out now though. :(

Midsummer's night : very good dupe. I used 1/2 oz pp and they have both a good CT AND HT.

Moonlight Path: Not an exact dupe but they smell pretty anyway. Used 1 oz pp on this one.

Apples and Cinnamon: 1/2 oz pp on this one and it smells deliscious.

I ordered too many to remember right now but I wasn't impressed with the initial smell on a lot of them so I'll have to lete you guys know after I make some more candles

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I can't resist buying scents. It seems to be such an addiction that there needs to be a scents anonymous message board. I have tons and tons of fragrances and only use a select few. It is sooooooo hard. One of my New Year's resolution is not to buy online unless I really really really need something.

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