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Anyone make A sweet Pumpkin Pie Soap?


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Since My other post about my horrible soap day, Im gonna wait to try anything new for awhile and sticking to my soaps that work .. I have been dying for a nice pumpkin Pie Soap, so if you make one please pm me ,as Im better off purchasing than ruining right now!!LOL Thanks! I can paypal

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Yeah Texas.. Ill pm ya the recipe.. When I make it (this is the eating Pumpkin Fugde, but I also have the wonderful oil) Before people try it they always think theres Chcoclate in it.. But its not, its like a really creamy pumpkin pie in fudge form.. ill pm ya with it!

I wish my Pumpkin Fugde oil was skin safe cause I would try and soap that regardless!!LOL

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I got a bar from a soaper one time that was made with WSP's Pumpkin. I sold the bottle to her cause it wasn't spicy enough for me in candles. This soap was so good smelled wonderful. Wish I had kept it but never thought of using it for soap. Now I want to buy some just for me. Yummy

And could you send me the pumpkin fudge recipe too? TIA

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