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Great 3 Day Fair!


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Great 3 day fair!

Our little gold rush town had its 3 day Labor Day Fair this weekend that's always so much fun. This is the 3rd year I've done it, and sales were very good - up 25% over last year - 7 times booth fees, and I had a personal best day ever in sales. Credit cards were more in evidence. Most people went for the 3fer sales, and I had quite a few 9 bar sales as well. Actually sold out of Black Raspberry, Grapefruit Splash, and Dandelion (Peak's Tuscan Nights, didn't expect that!)

The samples worked out great. Handed them out Friday and Saturday, and had 3 people come back holding their sample and each buying 3 bars. What worked the best was handing them out to the people who took some time to sniff then were about to leave without buying. That slowed them down a bit, but didn't interrupt their possible buy.

Got an invite to a new Christmas Fair in an old Victorian house in Ashland, and a lead to selling at the Blue Cross/Blue Shield office next door to me (300 women stuck to computers all day )

I changed my booth around a little bit. I ended up as the last booth on the walk (or the first at the entrance) but it didn't seem to hurt sales too bad, though I'd have preferred my usual space more in the middle.

This time I got under a tree, so that helped with the shade.


Added a drape to the top of my back wall


Used 2 leaf plates for my lip balms


And decorated for fall


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Your booth is beautiful! I really like the drape in back. Congratulations on a successful sale. You have given me extra inspiration for my craft sale coming up on Sept. 24. I have a question that will show my inexperience...When you say 7 times your booth fee, do you mean sales or profit? Either way that's great. I'm happy for you.

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Thanks everyone! It was really fun, and I got to "compete" with someone from another forum :) It was *so* nice to do this fair in nice weather (90,78,80) instead of the 100F days the last two years.

When I say "times booth fee" I usually mean gross - I compare total take to (booth fee + expenses like gas/food). It's not a really accurate picture, cuz sometimes a booth fee could be $10 so it wouldn't really mean a lot lol. But this is my most expensive fair.

Saturday was pretty much a surprise - doubled my previous best day at any fair. Too bad Sunday didn't match :)

This fair generated lots of donations for Katrina - some people talked about special sales (the nurses behind me that sold quilts gave 100% of their profit on aprons, for example). I donated 15% of total gross, a lot of vendors did something similar so that was great.

I did learn one thing - maple trees have weird bugs - they all had bright red bodies and just loved climbing over the tables. I was constantly picking them up and putting them back on the trunk of the tree.

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