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Baby Blocks for Baby Shower


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Well, I still need to get used to working w/silicone molds, but I need to make I think 30-40 of these for a baby shower we are hosting - scented baby powder - now on to wicking!

Oh yeah, ets that digital camera is on the fritz, had to take pic w/cell phone so it doesn't show the letter detail as well.....


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I bet I know where you got those....lol

Creativegems does a great job! Those turned out nice.

Actually, you got a good picture posted considering it was from a phone!

Right on - got them from Janet - great service, btw, for anyone that wants to try novelty molds!

Thanks for the comments - I think they're cute myself, but I'm not a big fan of baby powder scent lol - gonna be glad to have this round over with :tongue2:

Btw, I am using a c-60 wick from Peak - been burning for three + hours, no blowouts, looking good to me! Maybe I'll get lucky! Although I just looked at it and it's starting to look like it may drown out....I'll see what happens. Update tomorrow!

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