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(Ok, Jan, this is for you! I hope I understood the directions on how to post a pic.) So, I pulled out my long-neglected springform pan and whipped up my basic soap recipe, poured it onto a layer of grated and loosely packed down soap shreds for the crust. The pink maraschino cherry sucks but I was kind of proud of my little lemon.

German Chocolate - scented/colored with Hershey's Cocoa, some unknown coffee f/o and a bottle of unmarked vanilla f/o - grated OMH for the crust.


Lemon *Cheesecake* - My basic soap recipe with pureed lemon in place of some of the water and scented with Lemon e/o - OMH for the crust.


Just ignore the pitiful set up - I haven't found my creative photo-shoot skills yet. :embarasse

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Wow Cindy ... those cheesecakes soaps are the most incredible and creative soaps I have ever laid eyes on. Great work Cindy :highfive: They are so realistic looking and I know you will sell a ton of them. If they only serve as a conversation piece at your shows and bring people up to the table I know you will get them as customers.

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Okay...........I'm finally able to speak..........How are you going to label these if you sell them? A cute little cake box would be a great idea. Those will sell great at Christmas time I'm sure! Oh one other question. Do you let it cure in the huge cake, or cut them all right away into slices?

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WOW!!!!!!!! I especially love your Lemon cheesecake!! I don't think I would have had a problem having my mouth washed out with soap when I was a kid if I could have had it done with soap like that!!

I would really be sure to put warning labels on those hon!! NOT FOR CONSUMPTION!!

Awesome job!!! I do agree though that you might want to make the "cakes" a bit smaller so the bars aren't so large!!

Great Job!!

God Bless,


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Thanks you guys! They are huge, huh! I really have no idea what to do with them. I had seen pics of some beautiful soap cakes on another forum and wanted to try it. When I went to dig out my pan, I found the springform instead and got the idea. We used to own a sandwich shop/bakery on Maui (Kihei & Kahului) and made cheesecakes for Hawaiian Air and several of the resorts (mostly in Kaanapali & Wailea) - bringing our Poor Billy's *Cheesecakes* back to life was, for me, the natural thing to do. LOL Just so you know, I actually do have a "Not for consumption" tent card that I put on them at my show. I didn't sell any but people were sure pulled in by them.

Thanks again for all the sweet comments! :)

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