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First pics Metro jars


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I bought a whole case of those jars a while ago, and they have just been sitting in my storage room! Your candles look so wonderful that it has me pondering about finally pouring those puppies...beautiful work, Nedelos!

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Just curious Needle, Why do you color your HS blue? I have HS's and they are yellow.

We're still testing the jars and using some blue just to test for frosting with the wax and to see how the lable is going to look against a dark background. Honeysuckle ranges from white/yellow to a white/pink depending on variety. Yellow would be a great color though. ;)

The lables have not been testing yet when the jar is burnt and may not stand up to the glass heating up. We'll let you know. These lables are clear color laser lables same size as we use for our clamshells at 2 x 2 5/8 inches.

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