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Soap of the Day...(Cut pics added - 1st post)


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It seems as if I haven't made soap in ages, but today I made up for it with two big batches. One was an old stand-by, but this batch is something new I thought I'd try. Here it is in the mold:


White base swirled with gold, antique copper, and black cherry mica from Kimberly's co-op! It's scented with an EO blend of Palmarosa, lime, nutmeg, clary sage, and ylang ylang III that I found on Rainbow Meadow's blend page. It's supposed to be feminine and romantic.

Normally I force my soaps to gel, but these two are just going to rest until they become soap. The first batch (grapefruit crush) has not gelled and I made it this morning. I'll be interested in comparing this batch with the previous batches I've made.

It felt good to make soap again! Thanks for checking it out. :cheesy2:

(Added cut pics below.)

I could have left it in the mold for another day. The edge bars were a pain to trim; still so soft. Here it is cut:


Not sure about the scent yet - it will probably mellow as it cures. I'm not a fan of florals and even though the Ylang Ylang III is a small amount it really comes through. I've no idea what to name it.

Here's my old standby that got trimmed today as well. the big difference I noticed with this ungelled bar is the absolutely SMOOTH texture of the soap and top surface. I'm going to have to work on my patience though! I cut both of these too early. :rolleyes2 I will be trying this type of process again this summer. smooth_top_crush.jpg

Thanks for your nice remarks! :cheesy2:

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Thanks everyone. :cheesy2: I pulled them out of the oven where they'd been covered and stacked - but no heat applied. The molds were warm and there's a bit of mild gelling going on in the centers. So now it's all on the kitchen table waiting to cool off. If I'd forced it to gel I could be cutting the grapefruit now!

It is hard to wait! :waiting: How do you soapers who never let your soaps gel handle the waiting each time?

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Beautiful as always!!

Oh, and the wait on my gm soaps (which I don't let gel) is MURDER!! lol I HATE waiting on my gm soaps to cut, but I love the results, soo... lol I usually just try to busy myself thinking up a new scent blend, or by making something else, like candles. :)

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