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Hey TB and Tara here's my Kelsei Mold-LOL


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Its a Tupperware Cake Holder (I think that's what its called, Its Tupperware and it holds cakes). I use the base as a cover to insulate the batches. I told you both you'd laugh when you saw it! When ready to cut I whip out my trusty ruler and soap cutter to measure and cut... you can't get much more handmade then that -LOL :grin2:




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Hey MaryAnn, I'm definitely not laughing at your mold. You should be the one laughing at me for spending $60+ dollars on a mold. :laugh2: If I had a mold like that then I would be happy and using it too. :D If it works for you than that is all that matters. I think your soaps are great, you are the master. whacky108.gif

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