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Best Candle for Someone New?

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My first candles were 8 oz. jelly jars. IMO, they are probably one of the easier jars to wick and depending on your location, most of the time jelly jars can be found locally, which cuts down on expenses. Again, depending on where you live, even if you have to order them and have them shipped, they are not as expensive as other jars may be.

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When I started I got a votive pillar starter kit and a container starter kit. I make lots of containers and votives and want to start making some pillars again. Bored with the same ole same ole. Have fun:yay:

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I agree, go with what you will enjoy and want to learn. And then prepared to deflate your bank account! :cheesy2:

I started with votives and for me it was a good starting point. I got to understand the wicking issues, additives, color, pour temps, etc. and all the while not being too wasteful. I could use a small amount of wax with each experiment and if it bombed, I wasn't out too much. Then I moved to pillars, and now I've been working on containers for a few months.

Good luck, and remember to keep it fun!


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