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Easiest container you've ever wicked?


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I'd say the 4 oz tin, well it's all I've tried wicking so far.

Come to find out I got it right the first time, all I had to do was embrace the film.

Too bad I tried 2 more sizes of wicks and just got more headaches.


P.S. message board do: post a pic and say is this normal?

checking account don't: buy more wicks before posting said message

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I am using GW 464 and am still testing wicks...tried the ECO but so far have liked the CD's better...am still deciding between the CD 16 and 14. I'm about to test HTP's as well. I also ordered samples of the "700 series" too but I haven't received them. I have gotten a full melt pool easily and (maybe too) quickly with the CD16 and 14 (a little hang up with the first couple of burns) but I didn't have as much problem with mushrooms as i did with the Eco's. I have a feeling I'll end up with the CD's.

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I have tested 4 different wicks with both an 8oz Tin and JJ and cannot seem to get all the wax to burn on the sides.

What is everyone else's suggestions for wicking these?

In 8-oz tins, I use CD-14s with some scents and CD-18s with others. And there are a few scents (like blends using patchouli EO) that leave a rim with the CD-18, so I'm experimenting with double wicking those.

My wax is EZ Soy with about 5% beeswax added.

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