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Anyone have input on these suppliers?


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I would go to http://soapdishforumarchives.com and look up some threads :)




That might clue you in on some of her history so you can make a decision if you want to do business with her. I'm pretty sure you can read those threads w/o joining...

Oh, they're the same person. Debra Dolen...

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I thought this should be here as well....


AAA FAMILY: Consumers Sue Work-at-Home Co. for Fraud; Founder Resigns


The founder of a Sarasota work-at-home company accused of defrauding

customers across the nation has left the company. Deborah Dolen's

resignation from AAA Family Centers came two days after a story about

the company appeared in the St. Petersburg Times on Jan. 2. Deborah

Dolen said she resigned because she had accomplished her "purpose." The

work-at-home company faces a lawsuit in circuit court.

Ms. Dolen insisted that she helped - not hurt - customers with her

paralegal business and said her latest round of problems stems from

people's inability to forget her troubled past and acknowledge her many

accomplishments. "You will never meet a woman in your life who has tried

as hard as I to overcome crises . . . and who still managed to help as

many people as I have," Ms. Dolen wrote in a statement. "I have never

intentionally hurt anyone, in fact all I ever do is give, often times

way too much."

In her 36 years, Ms. Dolen has had her share of problems. She has used

more than a half-dozen aliases and a handful of Social Security numbers.

She has said she once was a prostitute. She served seven years for using

money collected for a charity for crippled children for a luxury home

and cars.

These days, the Sarasota woman is under investigation again. The state

Attorney General's Office in Tampa is looking into Ms. Dolen and AAA

Family Centers. So is the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. And the

Florida Bar is trying to find out whether Ms. Dolen practiced law

without a license. Investigators say as many as 5,000 people across the

country may have bought paralegal kits from AAA Family Centers after

finding out about the work-at-home program from newspaper ads and the

Internet. Some customers have complained they were not paid, given less

work than promised and provided useless or pirated computer programs,

said Kevin Jackson, an investigator in the Attorney General's Office.

Ms. Dolen and the company also face a lawsuit in Pinellas-Pasco Circuit

Court. Dissatisfied customer Peter Penrose of St. Petersburg filed a

suit last month and is asking a judge to let others join him in a

class-action suit.

Ms. Dolen said she resigned Jan. 4 because her "purpose" had been

accomplished. But she is still featured prominently, along with her

teenage daughters, on AAA's Web site and uses the company's e-mail


Company officials would not comment on the circumstances of Dolen's

departure. But they did say AAA continues to sell the kits for $ 345 to

customers, who are hired to type up the lengthy divorce and bankruptcy

forms at home.

The company, affiliated with the independent paralegal organization

Para-Link International, seems to make most of its money off the kits

themselves - 5,000 kits at $ 345 each is almost $ 1.8-million - and not

by completing divorce and bankruptcy forms, customers and investigators

say. Each kit buyer is paid $ 25 for typing one set of forms. "We're

continuing as normal," said Marcy Haley, assistant sales manager and

member of the three-person management team running the company for

stockholders. Sales "are about the same - a pretty steady flow."

But the complaints continue to pour into consumer protection agencies

around the state and the Attorney General's Office.

Diane Weart, 53, had been ill and was searching for a job she could do

from her home in the Orlando area when she saw an ad for AAA. She had

worked as a paralegal for two decades, so she was sure she could master

the program. She had some initial problems with the software, but Ms.

Weart said she believed Ms. Dolen's assurance the programs would be

fixed and even agreed to become a trainer for other kit buyers. Ms.

Weart quit, though, after hundreds of other people had problems with the

kits and the company did not pay what she was owed. "I know I'm never

going to see a dime from her," Ms. Weart said.

Jackson, the investigator, said he sent information to the Sarasota

County Sheriff's Office because he thinks the case may be criminal.

Sheriff's Detective Mike O'Brien, who is handling the case, did not

return several messages for comment last week.

Ms. Haley said the company hasn't been told of any investigations. But

the company's former attorney was sent a letter dated Dec. 22 from

Lexis-Nexis, which owns some of the computer programs used by AAA,

accusing the company of copyright infringement and threatening to sue. A

second company, Corel in Ontario, also is considering action, Jackson

said. The allegations, combined with Dolen's history, may indicate

criminal intent, Jackson said.

In 1990, Ms. Dolen - under the name Deborah Harvey - was convicted of

racketeering and grand theft for using money from the Foundation for

Children with Spina Bifida to buy a $ 225,000 home, a Mercedes-Benz and

other cars. In 1992, she was found guilty of money laundering,

credit-card fraud and living off the services of a prostitute. She has

faced myriad other charges, including trying to hire an undercover

detective in 1988 to steal and burn her car for insurance, a charge on

which she was acquitted. "My past experience with the legal system was

so horrific, overwhelming and unfair, I dedicated my life to helping

others afford justice," Ms. Dolen wrote in her statement. (St.

Petersburg Times, January 17, 2000)

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I read the posts about Mabel White with great interest. In reading the posts and the cease & desist orders and all the comments, I saw that Ewe R Wooley was mentioned more than once. My question: is Ewe R Wooley just as crooked? How were they involved in this? Ewe R Wooley is not that far from me, however I don't really buy alot of stuff from them. But I do know fellow candlemakers that think they are the cat's meow. Just curious, what's the scoop on them and there affiliation with this Mabel White?

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Stay away from Mabel White!!

I bought items(over priced) from M.W and they never delivered. I had to open a claim to get my items but they only sent a partial shipment with a tracking confirmation. She scammed me and will not return my emails or refund my money!!!. She knows the system, how to scam with Pay pal. They only care that a package was sent, not what was sent. She could have mailed me rocks. If you purchase items, pay by C.Card. They will refund your money in full!!. STAY AWAY!!!... Very unfair.

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I just got through reading these posts (which are pretty old). I'm stunned. I have done business with Mabel White several years ago and never had any problems. We became email friends and communicated fairly regularly. There was something about her that I could not quite put my finger on... something not right. She was up, then she was down. She had grandious plans for various business ventures which never panned out. She made herself look really bigger than life -- she was going to marry some tycoon from Canada, then he seemed to disappear -- she was going to sell her million dollar home, but she is still there. I could go on and on. I had actually come to the conclusion that she was a manic depressive. Looks like my radar was right on target. I had no idea about her past. She is currently involved in another business venture where she has solicited reps to sell her product line. I fear for them. Or... maybe its just another one of her grandious schemes and all make believe.

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