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Very 1st MP soap pics!


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Hey guys...just got my soap stuff from BCN yesterday and have made 2 soaps.

The 1st one is scented Oatmeal, Milk and Honey...I put some oats in there for the look (and exfoliant too...right??):D

The 2nd one is Lavender...I doubt u can see it but it's a very pale shade of purple...that third pic is the underside of the lavender with the seed/buds...thought i had mixed enough for it to be cool and distributed evenly...but no luck with that..i'll try again soon though :grin2:

Thanks for viewing!!!





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Thanks so much guys...I really cheated though :tiptoe: ....I only waited a few hours and put them in the freezer to pop out quickly and i already have it using at the hand basin not much over 12 hrs of making it :waiting: ...i just had no patience !!! LOL....it was so much fun...can't wait til tomorrow...like i don't have enough candle orders to occupy my time :lipsrseal.

HELP...I'm already addicted :laugh2: ......what have u all done to me!!!!!!!:drool:

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Those are really nice for first try! I have gotten addicted too, will post some pics of mine soon.. I am making mostly herbal soaps with essential oils. I have had good luck with grinding herbs, oatmeal, powdered milk, etc in a mortar and pestle type bowl, the bowl is pottery with grooves on the inside so its grinds really fine if necessary. I wait till the soap is only warm to the touch and starting to really thicken before I add the ground ing., It will usually stay suspended, if not, wait another minute or two to cool more and stir a little, then pour. It works good for evenly distributed herby look. It's so much fun to try all the possibilities!

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