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Soy Blend Containers

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Those worked out well. There seem to be some nice candles in the background too!

I must say though I'm surprised by the tureen. I thought you were Mr. Contemporary. :P

LMAO...and you are right.....the taureens are for pouring the left over wax in LOL ( and OK... I have used them for testing FOs...the opening is so large, the throw is so good.... AND Tyler uses them...so IF a person was trying to copy/duplicate their fragrances, they MIGHT come in handy LOL :embarasse )

I LOVE Tyler candle fragrances. Ohhh how I would LOVE to find out where they get their oils!!! The High Maintenance is a dupe. Their description is :

High Maintenancetrans_1x1.gifOur #1 fragrance! Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone. Very sophisticated and truly addictive!!!!!

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would love to see a pic of one burning...

I imagine she had around 400 requests so I for one am being patient and have not emailed to ask... Shes paying shipping which I feel everyone whould reimburse her, thats a lot. Oh well, just my two cents.:P

Probably more than that at this point. :shocked2: We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding while we work to get these out.


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