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Nishiki Grapefruit is VERY nice!! I dont like Monkey Farts from Millcreek though, I think it needs more banana. Amber Romance is great in my experience just needs a little more cure time. White Tea & ginger, and Strawberry Jam are great too. I didnt care alot for the pineapple paradise, I think it needs more juicy pineapple to it lol. Im kinda picky LOL. Just my opinions, Hope that helps some!

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I love MC's FOs that I've used. THe only one I didn't like of theirs was Eucalyptus Mist, but only because I personally was looking for a straight euc, and that one has some floral in it.

I use all my Christmas scents from MC:

-Spiced Cran

-Chestnuts & Brown Sugar

-Christmas Splendor

-Balsam & Spice

-Warm Cinnamon Buns (not as strong as the others, a lighter scent)

-Mint Candy Cane (I'm always really impressed with this one, really great throw)

I don't think you can really go too wrong on their stuff, but I'm sorry that I don't have more seasonal suggestions.

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millcreek does test all their fo's in their soy. i'm a pick up customer and neighbor so i know this personally.

their oils all throw great in 100% soy.

i highly recommand

chestnuts & brown sugar, pink sugar, passionalte kisses, amber romance, lilac, honeysuckle, clothesline fresh & seaside will run you out of the house, frosted carrot cake you can smell the creamcheese frosting, butt-naked smells like cherries best seller, christmas eve & splendor will rename to use year around, orange clove is very stronge with no fuel smell, butter pecan great. oh that enough all of them are great.

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