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My first Pillars

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I am not a photographer.....AND these are my first Pillars and my third batch of Votives.....but this is the wax we used for the class at Green Leaf ( sorry Brenda...they don't do your product justice!)

For you Sherie:p

Woops...I will try something closer

Michael - those look absolutely great! You should be very proud. You make me look like a GREAT teacher :yay: WTG!

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Hey, you ARE a good teacher!

I was afraid of Pillars a week ago!:embarasse

Message boards can get very technical (with all the professionals that are members) and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. I wouldn't know Vybar from Botox, and right when I start feeling confident, someone will say, "Did you test your candles to make sure they are sneeze proof?" "Someone might sneeze in the room they are burning":shocked2: ...LOL...BACK to the drawing board!

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