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Introducing Me!

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Hello fellow crafters, my name is Taylor and I am so excited to stumble upon a scented community!  I have been candle making for one year and 3 months, I am a MomPreneur with a very involved two year old.  I turned 25 in May, I am terrified to be entering into a new age group, but so thrilled to be where Im at, at this age.  I live in Central California but was born and raised in Laingsburg Michigan!  I like to use the memories of growing up, rustically, surrounded with nature, and blend them with the current lifestyle and memories Im making in California.  I was a barista for about a year and fell in love with the feeling I gave to people when handing them their perfect cup of coffee.  I have always been good at connecting with people and I have found the way to everyones heart and home with candle making.  My daughter is my biggest cheerleader, we smell everything and share experiences at multiple coffee shops, that then turns into a candle.  I run my one and a half person show out of my personal kitchen, sell via shopify online, and the best outdoor market every other month.  I find my specialty in candles in drink inspired recipies, mojito, tea, coffee.  Im really looking forward to connecting and growing with this group!


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