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Playing with 4630 but it’s not playing nice.

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Found a stash of 4630 wax and started to play around with it. Poured cooler less sinkholes, no adhesion. Poured hot 175 perfect adhesion sinkhole near wick. Is this a heat gun, two pour kind o wax? Also assuming it was paraffin and would burn faster than soy, the wax I have burn slower than the soy waxes I have been using. I’m using htp wicks and they burn fine. It’s the sinkholes that are annoying.

Any tips for this? 

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Okay I modified my wax and lowered the temp. Was pouring a bit high for this wax.

I was surprised at hard this wax was and the suggested lower HTP wicks did not work for me, though I like a slightly faster burn as I don’t think people sit around and burn for two hours on the initial burn with candles. 

Also to me this wax burns slowly not quickly as I thought it would for paraffin. When I have used 4627, that burns fast and Smokey.

i have not had any ring around the collar with this wax. It burns clean for me.

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