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AAA Candle Supply - 20% off Sale


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2 hours ago, franu61 said:

hopefully I will have tested most of the 1 ouncers before the sale expires.    Any one put their's in wax yet?  Such good prices...I hope they work!


I posted a review about their Allspice.  It was good and strong in soy wax.  Someone else posted a review about their Leather.

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Well, after going back and forth, back and forth, trying to decide whether to order more fragrance oils I don't need, I went and did it.  Do you ever figure out cost per pound with shipping when you buy FO's?  My cost per pound for 5 bottles with shipping and a 20% discount was $13.86 a bottle.  Many dollars cheaper per pound than the order I just received from CS. But try as I may to find substitutes for CS's Very Vanilla and Cinnamon Stick, I just can't do without those two. And I've been wanting the Pumpkin Caramel Crunch ever since I got a sample in 2017.  


What decided me on ordering from CS besides the 99 cent sample sale was I got a message from a lady in Texas who had bought a Rain Water candle of mine from a store I had candles in about 4 years ago.  I didn't even remember making Rain Water candles.  She wants 10 of those, so once I finally figured out where I bought Rain Water several years ago, I had to place an order with CS.  


The scents I just ordered from AAA were Dicken's Christmas, Limon, Peach Magnolia Raspberry, Butter Cookie and Lavender Apples & Oak.  I just love the sample of Limon I got and all the others I ordered too.


I'll find someplace to store all these new FO's.  :) 

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Good for you Gail....

Now I bet you are so excited to get your new oils....you deserve it...whether you need them or not.   


I had an order figured out with CS myself and fell asleep and woke up at 3:00 in the morning - 3 hours after the sale ended.

I didn't really need any more samples so I saved myself a few dollars.   But then I went and made up a big list of oils I'm going to get from Indigo who I have never ordered from...$135.00 worth of oils....but I don't care.   I want them and am going to get them and I'm not going to make myself feel bad about ordering from them and a new supplier.   I need em....lol...I keep telling myself that.




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Trappeur, Interesting how a few ounces of f.o. give so much joy! 


Gail, I’ve never broken down the big savings and that will allow me to order more. Oh goodie!


My CS and PFO fragrance oils came this week and I’m super excited to get these out of the bottles and into wax, soap and perfume ASAP. 

So far I’ve made from CS bamboo and coconut, strong CT even after a few days, white sage and lavender, not as strong but lovely, honeysuckle jasmine and cactus flower and jade, I like both so far. Today I’ll put together belle and guieneveres attraction from PFO.recomended by Marlleigha. My f.o. Loads are between 7 and 9% in 464/coconut wax from lab co. At times I also like pro blend 600 from flamings which I blend with other waxes. 


I may be  writing off Northwoods, their coconut wax prices are slowly increasing and never in stock.


I have my eyes on at least trying the f.o. from Lab co. Their blends just sound so good.


My tip for the day is..........keep paper and pen handy to jot down all these great recommendations you read here, it will make the ordering process easier, lol!🌸



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