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some new additions


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Here are some new pics! My wife and I got a little excited as you can tell with the display and background. I guess that's what you get for years in retail and visuals.

Ok, the first pic is to display the water balloon hurricanes that I made, plus the small cucumber and melon pillar with crystalizing wax from Michaels.

Second pic is water balloon hurricanes again with my first attempt at a rustic - strawberry pillar.

3rd is a closeup of the rustic.

Please be honest and let me know what you think! Thanks...Chris




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WOW! :shocked2: Nice display! I like those canes. Now I want to make one! How big a balloon do you use?


Thanks man....Due to the size restrictions of the pour pot, I filled the balloon to about 4 inches in width. I'm not sure the size of the actual balloon since it was from an assorted pack. Next we want to use candle paint and stencil some things onto the hurricanes.

A bit of advice, fill the balloon completely with water...don't try what I did, half water-half air. Dangerous and messy!

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