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I will be making soy candles for a very high end boutique as a vendor.  I presently make candles in the status jar that looks exactly like a major brand name and since those are carried in this shop I need a recommendation of another very nice "classy" looking container for my soy candles.  Please no mason jars or ball jars...etc, etc/  What do any of you have to recommend to me.  I would love something in milk glass or GO GO GO  

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I used the black tumbler (I believe 14 oz?)  that was carried at GW for a for a high end spa.  It fit with their color scheme, but hey, doesn't everything go with black?  I bought some silver boxes that fix the candle almost perfectly and put a silver label on the bottom of the candle jar.  Simple but elegant looking.

I still use their frosted tumblers all the time and they are pretty as well.

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8 hours ago, Trappeur said:

I use  22oz tureen for a client of mine and it's gorgeous.



Wow Tureen jars look great not seen them used in candles around here.  Those would look great when used to make candles.  I kinda wanna use those for candles myself but i am only making candles for myself and family so the apothecary jars i already bought will last me a long time.

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