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HI! I've been looking for a place like this!


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Hello everyone!  Against my better judgment I've been dabbling in candle making off and on for a couple of years. ( I've done soap for 4 years) Soap and candles have fascinated me since childhood after visiting Lincoln's New Salem, Clayville and other historic places. Naturally my parents would never let me take up the hobby (This was the 70s in a rural community - no internet or helpful books)

because they said I'd blow up the kitchen!    Yeah well - I'm all grown up now and have internet!!


I now live near San Diego, but am one of those strange people that don't think it's paradise here; constant supply of black widow spiders, threat of wildfire,  people wear winter coats when it's 65 degrees out but most importantly - I miss having deciduous trees and four seasons. It's almost never soup or sweater weather here.  (however....I never have to chip ice off the windshield...BIG plus there!)


My job is childcare and I dearly enjoy it, but as I'm getting older am working toward Occupational Therapy assistant certification. I never married or had kids of my own - and neither fact bothers me. There's plenty of kids to love.


As the title says, I'm glad to have found you because I don't do FB but need a lot of help learning about candles. I've gained a lot of information from the soap making forum I belong to,  and hoped to find one focused on candle making and....here you are! ( I do see a couple of familiar names here that I've seen on SMF)  I've already spent several hours skimming through posts and have honed in on the type of candle I'd like to make and am excited about getting started.


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Your story sounds an awful lot like mine-fell in love with soap and candles, finally just taking the plunge and never looking back. 


Since you have mastered soap, and understand how different variables play in a formula, you will probably pick up candles very quickly. Everything in a candle is a variable. Tinker with one at a time until you get what you like. 


Welcome! Can't wait to watch your progress. We love pictures here. 

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Hi Pam,


Crackling wick!  I'll splurge at Christmas time for a few good ones (expensive!) ones but they price is astronomical! Naturally, in my ignorance I thought it was feasible to learn to make my own for less money. (I know, I know)  However, even after a bag of 444, c3 and a little palm I had no luck with them. I had NG wood wicks and they didn't stay lit and certainly no crackle.

Tried some from LoneStar and the woodwick people and the flame was too high in all sizes.


I have some gw 444 (but its 2 years old) and c3, and had started retesting with eco wicks (because I had them on hand, and was suffering from the need to make a successful candle). However, after reading through this forum I see that the waxes I have are no longer the same formula that's available today; so if I succeed with what I have, it won't matter since those wax formulas are gone!


So, I thought I'd spend my money on what I want most - crackling wick candles. I like the sound of the coconut wax too, instead of high soy waxes. Calcandle supply is closest to me, but picking wooden wicks is more the challenge now. (Most of them seem to not crackle)


These candles are for my own use - no selling (I don't even sell my soap). I'm happy with plain white candles, glass jars instead of tins because why hide a beautiful glow of that flickering candle??  I would like to include some Christmas fo's once in a while, but as long as they crackle, unscented is just fine.


Btw, I have committed your quote to memory so I can pull it out when confronted with a political discussion. I can't believe the amount of garbage people have been willing to put up with...



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If you want crackle and coconut you've made a good choice! I am using the coco wax "beads" from candles and supplies with wicks from the wooden wick company. For $35 delivered to my door I have the entire collection of 200+ wicks (4-5 of each type and size they make). This company owns the patents, and from what I see all retailers who offer wooden wicks get them from here, so why not go direct and save some $$? 


In my 2.75 at the widest point ceramic belly jar an original booster size 0.03 3/8" was perfect from start to end.


in a slightly bigger 3.25 ceramic belly jar the 0.04 x 3/8 was a little small, but otherwise perfect. The next size up in the 0.03" was too big. A compromise of the 5/8 x 0.02 might be the winner. 


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Candles are going to try my patience! They already have as I've done a little experimenting and easily gave up and that's mostly because in my research nobody agrees on anything so I found it hard to pick a starting point; I tried too many things at once and got chaos.


I'd like to focus on coconut wax and crackling wooden wicks.  This forum has taught me that soy waxes have changed, and probably will continue to do so.  Now, maybe I've drunk the faux marketing Kool-Aid, but did/do believe that paraffin wax is unhealthy?  I'm happy to be re-educated if that is not true. I would like a healthy wax, and if paraffin fits so be it.

On the other hand, perhaps as a soaper, I'm prejudiced to coconut in general as I use it in nearly all my recipes.


Btw, can anyone recommend their favorite wooden wicks?  I have some from the woodwick company and from LoneStar, but they're 2 years old and it sounds like there have been improvements since then??



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I have some really old ones too, and decided to get fresh ones from the wooden wick company that perform the way I will need them to. I can't replace the super old ones if they work, so why start at a finish line? 


I added a pic of coco wax beads with the wooden wick noted in my post. 

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Oh TallTayl - I just saw your post!  Thank you for that information!!  That's exciting!  Now, what the heck is a ceramic belly jar??  How can I translate that over to a glass jar?  Probably an 8 ounce mason type jar so I don't waste materials at first (But then I'd like to go bigger!!)  Unfortunately I love the square mason, or other jars with shoulders but I'm certain that affects how the candles burns - not necessarily from experience but just from a physics standpoint. But...success first....cute jars later!


You've had a successful crackle with coconut wax?  The store bought ones have a criss cross wick, but I've never found a supplier who offered those and I wondered if the shape was more important than the wax?

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Thank you Tall Tayl!  I have to study for an Anatomy test first, and as a reward I'm putting in my orders for supplies!  (I hate this class very very much. They don 't care if you remember what you learn - you just memorize, dump it on the practicals and tests, and memorize more)

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Those cross cross (plus) wicks are proprietary to woodwick candles. I asked the wooden wick co directly. They told me their original booster wicks are the same performance wise. 


The belly jars ar my ceramic containers. I wanted something different and special, so I make them....


translating to a status jar, here is the coco bead wax with an eco 6.  It burned text book perfect from start to end as long as the wick was trimmed before each burn. The pics below were a couple of hours into each burn. The melt pool was intentionally not to the edges until at least 3-4 hours (5in early burns). The Hang up turned to a translucent gel and melted right into the pool as it burned down. They were beautiful to watch burning as we watched movies in the early dark time zone. I powerburned these for up to 8 hours with no issues. The last inch gave me some sooting on the rim. So much air current down that low that it was inevitable. 


The next pour I do in these jars (3" wide) I will use an original booster 3/8" wide by 0.04 thick. It "should" perform well even if someone does not remember to trim before every burn. IMG_2544.jpgIMG_2573.jpgIMG_2543.jpg

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Okay, I'll stop kidding myself. No studying will be done until I get this order out!


Dollar store jars are safe for candles?


Are all coconut waxes the same?  CalCandleSupplies has cocowax83, and the shipping is 8.50 compared to candles and supplies which is $20.

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No they're all a bit different. The coco beads have a product id of coco83 at candles and supplies, so it "might be " the same on. 


Give a quick search for coconut wax ad find the post from kerven that lists those on the market now and their ingredients within the blend. 

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18 hours ago, lenarenee said:

Hi debratant!  Sorry for the late reply; I just haven't had time to breathe until today.  You mostly lurk at smf?  Happily? Hoping someone didn't scare you off...


It's ok, it's the Holidays mad rush.  I am so far behind that at this point, I've given up on making anyone anything lol.  

Although, last night I did manage to whip out some lip balm (used a base LOL) and a lotion (again, used a base)

So I accomplished that at least.  No one needs to know I didn't whip that stuff up from scratch ;)


I don't know why I don't post often at smf.  Mostly it's a time issue....I come here first since I've just always been

here since I started....then I go over there and end up reading and reading.  It is on my list to contribute more

so that I can get my post count up so I can do the monthly soap challenges.  I love reading the threads and

looking at everyone's results and hope to join in one day!  I have not been scared yet lol....everyone sounds nice.



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