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My final conclusion of an orange creamsicle scent


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For the past month or so I have been trying to find a nice orange creamsicle that doesn't have the sharp note of orange in it as pretty much every scent does.

I just want a nice creamy orangy vanilla scent that is smooth and luscious just like the ice creams you bought off the ice cream truck....omg....does that make me sound old......


I've done blends of the creamsicles of which I have added either vanilla or vanilla ice cream and I can't really tell the difference if I had never even added it to the creamsicle.  So I have gone and added more vanilla like a 60 vanilla/ 40 creamsicle percentage and it is still somewhat sharp but not as strong and the vanilla takes over.


My best combo was WSP creamsicle and Fragrance Buddy's Vanilla Ice cream

   The throw was great with this just not enough softness but everyone loves it......I just wanted a little less sharpness.  But maybe it isn't that sharp.....


My 2'nd choice is Fragrance Buddy's Creamsicle nothing added.


My 3'rd choice is Maple Streets Dreamsicle nothing added.

Maple streets scent is a softer scent than Fragrance Buddys.  It's more creamy....


I think I will do one more test......

Since Fragrance Buddy creamsicle is an excellent thrower I'm going to blend with Flamings Ice Cream scoop as this is a bomb scent of Flamings.

I don't know if the creamsicles orange will take on a different note...but I'll try.




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I love a good challenge but it can be frustrating too! Hope you find your right combo.


Occasionally I have to go to the source to make sure I am duplicating the right scent and not what I remember the scent as. So I would go buy an orange creamsicle or two and relive the experience. Its happened to me before. Most recently with snickerdoodle. They were more carmalized than I remembered them being.

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Yes ... for sharing your experience!


Long ago, speaking of sounding old, lol ... when Community Candle used to be Alabaster, they sold what they called "Orangelade" ... it was a SWEET orange punch scent.  It's been discontinued since the company has changed and I don't think they're bringing it back, but I wish they would.  I used to mix with it a lot and get all sorts of great results with it.  I could easily see mixing it with a sweet, creamy vanilla or creme brulee to achieve a delightful scent. 


I have not tested the straight creamsicles/dreamsicles, but I may try one day, or seek out a sweet orange punch.


What do you think of WSP's creamsicle by itself (if you've tried it), or OOB?


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I made a mistake....It was the Candle Source's creamsicle - not WSP....


Birdcharm WsP creamsicle to me smells like everyone elses.....


One more oh I forgot.....I have it made as a blend is Flamings Orange sherbert and the vanilla ice cream....Need to burn that one.



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I like Lonestar's Dreamsickle.  It smells spot on, but is a little light so try it with the max amount for your wax.  Also, Chubba Dubba from Nature's Garden is sort of like a creamsickle scent.  It's worth trying a sample if you have not already tried it.

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