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  1. Agreed. I always thought they would be completely irresponsible to sell candles made in them. I only want to make one for myself, and would never even give them as gifts. That said, I just think it would look cute on my kitchen counter and don't plan on burning it, unless I am right there with the thing. The reason I decided to not sell my candles is because I can't get past the thought of so many people who burn candles incorrectly. Even with insurance I don't want to deal with anyone who burns down their house.
  2. Hi Everyone, I don't post much and am having a bit of trouble navigating the new site. I am a hobbyist but professional level candle maker. I have never made the dough bowl candles, but want to know the best resources for them. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Thank You
  3. I do a blend of Lemon Verbena and Cucumber. It smells great.
  4. Wholesale Supplies Plus Festival of Lights is the same as Rustic Escentuals Country Gift Store.
  5. I make candles as a hobby, so I don't go through as much wax as some of you. I always buy my wax in the 50 lb box, and prefer 464 for basic container candles. I have been buying from Candle Science for years, but have now placed my first order for wax from Candlewic, even though they are clear across the country. I do not understand why CS has so drastically raised their price on wax. I only live 2 hours from the Reno location, and can drive to get it in good weather. Right now the Sierra passes are a disaster zone with snow, so no way would I try it. CS is now charging $92.73 a box shi
  6. I'm burning the candles and they are awesome. Great throw, great scent.
  7. I got 2 of the sets and they arrive tomorrow. It worked out cheaper than ordering 2 each of the ones I wanted to try, so I just got two sets. I'll post once I smell them all. I probably won't like the pot ones, or anything that smells like men's aftershave. But the rest sound pretty good. Can't wait to get them.
  8. Toasted Almond from Sweetcakes is great. Good throw and does not smell toasted at all.
  9. I like Lonestar's Dreamsickle. It smells spot on, but is a little light so try it with the max amount for your wax. Also, Chubba Dubba from Nature's Garden is sort of like a creamsickle scent. It's worth trying a sample if you have not already tried it.
  10. Are you talking about the one from RE or Nature's Garden? RE is the one I love.
  11. I love Santa's Whiskers! One of my all time favorites.
  12. My worst pics would be: RE Citrus Cilantro, smells like body odor. They have it on the discontinued section and still can't get rid of it. RE Lemon Meringue Pie, was discontinued. So gross I had to throw out the candle I made with it and brought the rest of the 16 oz bottle I stupidly bought without smelling first to the dump. CS Pumpkin Souffle, I know it 's popular, I hate it CS Fruit Slices CS Grapefruit Mangosteen CS Mango & Tangerine, all i smell is rotten fruit Peak Lemon Pound Cake, has a weird tone to it, like dirty socks Natures Gar
  13. Yes, I do use 464 often for melts, because if I have a bit left from candle pouring, I make melts from it. i usually do not concern myself with anything about them because i don't sell. But to Answer your question, I put cotton balls in the melter and turn it off. I then scoop the wax balls out and stuff them in paper towel holders for fire starters.. I never bought much from Peak.
  14. I don't think they have done one the last couple years. In the past they would put all the new releases in a What's new sample pack, at a good discount, and the bottles were 2 ounces. They stopped doing it. It was really good too, since the sample sale is always before most of the new scents come out in the fall. I won't pay the retail price for one ounce bottles, so it sucks waiting till next year to try the new ones, unless I get a couple free with orders. Rant over. I just miss this deal.
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