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So what is everyone thinking about for scents for Christmas?


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So what are we thinking about as far as scents go for Christmas?   

Anything new?

How bout jars or special labels?

And if you don't sell wholesale what are you making for gifts?


I guess it really isn't too early to start getting motivated as I have 1 shop I have to bring in some sample fragrances to sniff away and pickout.

Actually I think I'm going to order those gorgeous blue embossed jars from Candles and supplies (a company I have never ordered from) and hopefully the one shop goes with it...I think she is...If not my apple orchard account goes with anything I come up with....I thank my lucky stars every day I have such a great account like this one.  They never know what I'm going to bring in or come up with and 1/2 the time I don't.


Well my scents are somewhat boring but are consistant good selllers.

CS:          Blue Spruce

CS:          Frasier Fir

CS:          Christmas Hearth

BC:          Northwoods Christmas

Can you tell I like pines?

FBuddy:  Mulberry

Flamings:  North Pole 

A special blend I came up with I'm pretty happy with is mixing Mulberry with a little orange spice.  (I'm not usually good with this, but I lucked out this time)

A special blend I did last year and doing again this year is Flamings Bourbon Soaked Raisins mixed with Pumpkin Pie and Flamings straight Bourbon.

And of course WSP VBN......

I would love to do something different, but just don't know what?

Last year I did chalk painted quart jars with embellishments...but oh my God, so much work....so not this year.


So much for my boring scents.



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I'm getting ready for our fall sale this week but can't wait to start testing sample fragrances for winter season.   I plan on testing a number of Canndlescience oils including two of their new ones.  Also testing a new Mac as Rustic Escentuals doesn't throw as it use to in the new 464.  We will see once the last batch cures.  


My holiday scents will include Rustic Escentuals Christmas Bliss, Santa's Whiskers (new this year), Mistletoe, Christmas Tree, Vanilla Bean Noel (new this year). . .let's just say. . .most of what you recommend. lol  I do like the Volcano scent and will be adding that as well.  Will be revisiting Frasier Fir as I tried it before but with little throw.  Maybe it was with the old 464; can't remember.  Also wasn't too excited about Hansel & Gretel but poured again and will see if they do better with a different wick.  Pumpkin souffle becomes "Village Bakeshop" for Christmas.  


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Nothing new for me. I'm doing all the typical Christmas scents - Christmas Tree, Christmas Splendor, ton of bakery, ton of candy cane/mint type scents, etc. 


As for gifts, since I've been doing this so long, people are getting tired of getting my products as gifts. I still give them out, but they aren't the main gifts anymore,  and they most typically are not holiday themed/scented. 


I do have my nieces baby shower coming up that I will be making baby powder scented palm candles with a cute crocheted topper over the lid (I'll post a pic when I get them done) that I'm doing to have ready by the end of September. 

That's the only new and exciting thing I'm doing different this year. 

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My new scents this year will be Bayberry from Millcreek, White Mulberry Cedar from Candlewic and Mail Street Christmas from RE.


Tried and true ones are Christmas Splendor and Victorian Christmas from Aztec, and some customers love Tinsel from NG.  


Let's see, what else.  Vanilla Bean Noel and Candy Cane.


I ordered some red tumbler jars from Peak when they were on sale, and just bought some pretty scrapbook Christmas paper to use for dust covers. I love red, so am anxious to make some and see how pretty they look.  But for now, it's fall, fall, fall.

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Most of the candles I make around the holidays are for gifts and personal use, but I do have one to two people who request a dozen or so.


I like pines as well. CS Fraser Fir is great (strong hot throw!). Peak had one (Christmas Tree? Spruce? I need to figure out where I put it...) that was great OOB. If Keystone stocks Peak's scent, I may have to pit the two together and see who wins. CS White Birch is also nice but less piney than Fraser Fir - I will be using it. RE Christmas Past was nostalgic, so that scent will definitely be used.


CS Wassail, Flaming's Vanilla Bean Noel, Candlewic's Apple Cider Donut, and RE Sweet Potato Spice are all on the list. I'd like to add peppermint scents, but I haven't found any that screamed peppermint to me. They're all more of an artificial, muted mint that has no punch or bite (I'm wondering if adding a drop or two of essential oil would help with this). EBB Spiced Cranberry will likely be my cranberry scent for the season... still uncertain.


Nothing too special planned for jars. I have frosted oxford tumblers with flat silver lids, which I've been saving for the holiday season. Haven't decided on labeling. I'd really like to try screen printing but I think that's going to be too much work with all the other to-do's the holidays bring. Embossing the lids might work... Hmm! If the jars weren't frosted, I would be tempted to use the metallic alcohol inks left over from last year's project to stamp the jars with snowflakes or some other wintery design, then seal them to prevent the ink from rubbing off.

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Thinking of making? I made my Christmas candles in August. I debut both my fall and christmas candles at my first craft show of the fall season in September. So they have already been selling!


Nothing much new this year with the exception of 3 new scents.


Christmas Tree (this year a balsam, mistletoe & frazier fir combo)

Mulberry Apple Spice (my own blend)

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (new)

MW Sugar Cookie (new)

Cinnamon Broom (new)

Cranberry Orange (my own blend)

Frosted Gingerbread (my own blend)

Apple Cinnamon (my own blend)

Cinnamon Balsam (my own blend)

Cedar Garland

Pumpkin Spice (my own blend)

Holiday Gathering (Home for the Holidays)

Warm Autumn Spice (Nutmeg & Ginger)

Autumn Bonfire (my own blend)




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