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oh poop, first blooper already!

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Getting back into the swing of things. Racking my brain to remember how I did things. I remember  my formula by heart, but starting with similar wax  still means, test, test, test. All ready had a blooper. Poured scent, my brains thinking rain Forest when actually I poured pomegranate.... added color green. Then, then, I checked the label on the scent bottle...lol. Ive got candle nose, so, there you go.  How to turn green to a pretty pomegranate color? Ive checked my color wheel and it doesn't look like I'm going to win this one. Maybe I`ll add something to it  and come up with a new scent...anybody got any  ideas?

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found one...but don't think it would look good green..ha! But this might be my saving grace...Sage and Pomegranate. candlescience sells it and it can be green. Looks like a good seller , if I can get the right combo down.  

Pomegranate Splash

1part: Pomegranate, and 1part: Fuzzy Navel

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