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    Candles, soap, reading, crocheting, and this past year fishing in tournaments with husband.


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    I`ve made candles and soap for 8 years. Sell candles to a few stores. I work, so I have to make time to do this. Like so many others, I love making candles.

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  1. Thanks TallTayl... cant seem to pull up Brower. Gone under? I don't make soaps....yet. So Indie might be the one.
  2. Just did a search for 3022 and it looks like its only came up a few cents in the last few years. 70% soy though.....
  3. Brad at Clarus quoted a price of 1.56 a lb for 3022 parasoy (70% soy and 30% paraffin). I thought soy was so much cheaper that paraffin now. Is it because its a blend?
  4. Can any one tell me ,just starting out a business in candles, how much liability insurance would be for a year? Small business, in Tx. The insurance I found used a underwriter. With fees, around 900.00 a yr.
  5. Started looking for liability insurance, what a pain. Was quoted 700.00 a yr. From a underwriter?? I know nothing...nothing about insurance. Husband also took care of this .But I decided I would do this. Called our farmers that covers cars, home, boat, etc... referred me to another place and then she calls a underwriter...Don't want to ask husband, can someone explain???
  6. Thank you puma52 ! I`ll check those sites out. Now, peach...... why didn't I think of that?
  7. This is off NCA site. I`ve always thought most candle sales were in the fall/winter season. 65% non-seasonal! Approximately 35% of candle sales occur during the Christmas/Holiday season. Non-seasonal business accounts for approximately 65% of candle sales.
  8. Started to color this and added pink....nawwww,I don't want that right? Added some beige.....color just isn't coming out right. My rear end is as white as snow,.......but....I have 2 white and off white candles now. What color are you adding to your fragrance?
  9. Jcandleattic, thank you for that tip. I`ll look for it definitely when I go. Its funny just now, but I actually read one of my warning stickers. It said "Discontinue use when only 1/2" of wax remains in bottom.
  10. I hot glue my wicks to the bottom of the glass jar. One of my testers said that the wick came lose and floated the last 1/4 in. of jar. (She also said customers will be complaining about not getting their last 1/4 in of wax. I`m really thinking its because of the wick tab being so high. It didn't look like the wick moved to me. She also said I need to get smaller wick tabs that aren't so high....byebye tester! ) I read instructions on back of glue sticks and says glue will melt at 380 degrees. So, I`m going to Wally world to see if maybe they have a stronger melt stick, maybe in / craft / carpenter section....only for hot glue guns. Any suggestions?
  11. Probably too much vy bar then,. I couldn't get the finger nailing or snowflakes out and added a little more vy bar. Smells great. I did put the heat gun to it and it even out.
  12. Can anyone tell me what causes braining in paraffin wax? Wax too hot? Thanks.
  13. I guess I should have said, is adding 10 / 20% to your wholesale prices a good idea to guard against, higher prices in wax, glass, etc.
  14. Ive got all the votive holders and pins. A lot of jars and a wax melter that melts 60 lbs of wax at a time. wicks out the waszoo,dont know if they are still good. I had a slab of wax Brad at Clasrus sent me several years ago ( he said was still good), melted down, and tested in jars. Basically just a starting point. trying to find my old wax and not having any luck so far. Prices are unbelievable for waxes. I found a old receipt for paraffin wax. $48.00 for 60 lbs.
  15. how many of you add 20% after you cost and labor to your prices wholesale?
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