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Eucalyptus Spearmint?


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I just purchased  Eucalyptus Spearmint from EBB and was wondering if any of you like this scent. I have never even smelled Eucalyptus with spearmint before (i dont think). I got a request for a eucalyptus scent and CS didnt have any and I was buying the Honey Patch from EBB anyway so I got an OZ of this. 

does it have a strong eucalyptus scent to it? or is it more spearmint or even split. 

if you sell it is it a big hit? 

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I thought spearmint would be a good fragrance but it smells like a stick of gum. I tried mixing it with peppermint and now it smells like a breath mint. Eucalyptus is good for cleaning out your sinuses but it needs something to soften the medicinal character of the fragrance. Let me know what you think of that combination, because I would be interested in finding a good mix for sinus candles.

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I've made candles and other bath and body items with Natures Garden dupe.  It one of my best sellers.  I do mix a little peppermint EO in with it though.  It seems to help tone down the spearmint a touch.  

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