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Candle Science Chardonnay


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Ok, I have to do a collection of Chardonnay fragrances and wine fragrances are disgusting to me....but that is my opinion because I don't drink wine...Now I made a candle a few months ago in a chardonnay as I received a sample from somewhere and it was either Candle Science, Flaming or I'm thinking maybe it was Aztec. This is horrible because now I need this fragrance and I went and threw out that candle.  The chardonnay I used was a total awesome thrower and I remember distinctly you could smell the grape in it and it was definitely a true wine scent and wonderful for whoever would like to have that smell, but it wasn't for me.  I just got Flamings little ounce of their versian and have tested it...though it is a strong thrower, it was not the one I used, I just know it.  I can't smell any grape in it.  So I'm thinking it must have been Candle Science but it is not on any of my past invoices from them as they don't list on the invoices the free samples.....So my question to everyone is has anyone ever used CS version?  Their reviews are mixed and I see lots say they smell the grape...This is disgusting as I can't even find the empty 1 ounce bottle so I must have thrown that out too as I never though I would ever have to do a wine candle....argh.....



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AH/RE has a Wine by Candlelight that used to be popular with several of my customers. -  The most realistic, sensuous wine scent you'll ever use! A bountiful, heady merlot with notes of red berries and a hint of sweetness with amber. Strong seductive...a definite winner.

They also have a chardonnay - this is their description of it -  A fruity, white wine bouquet with top notes of white peach and strawberry. The heart blends sweet violet and lily of the valley with fresh melon and rose blossom. The base is a woody violet, sweet balsamic & white musk. Well rounded and complex, this Chardonnay fragrance oil offers a rich aroma without being heavy on the alcohol notes.   VineyardYankee type. The sweet aroma of plump merlot, cabernet, and zinfandel grapes.

Don't know if any of those will help but usually all the scents I have ordered from them have been great.

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I'm with you Trappeur! I don't care for wine scented candles. But I had to make them at one point a few years back because I used to have a wholesale account at a local vineyard.


My favorite wine scents out of all that I tried were:


CS Chardonnay

Fillmore's Merlot

Lonestar's Christmas Cabernet


I also had a Yankee Vineyard dupe but don't remember where I got it. Must have been Lonestar. The vineyard was nice but it smells like grape juice and not much like wine. Which is fitting when you think about it. It should smell like grapes.

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