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Redneck Wine Glasses

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I have a customer that wants me to make candles in wine glasses which I do not want to do because most are too thin and not heat safe.  I did find a nice thick pair of wine glasses but am still hesitant.  So my question is about the Redneck Wine Glasses.  They are Ball Jars, so can I assume they are the same Ball Jars used for candlemaking? If anyone is using them are you buying them in bulk?


Thank you,



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I've never bought them in bulk, but I've made them.   You use E6000 glue or epoxy and attach a dollar tree candle holder to the bottom of a canning jar. 


As far as wine glasses go, most I'd be afraid but if they are restaurant quality thick glass they would probably be fine.  I'd probably underwick a tad in them as well.

I have used cut off wine bottles for clients that wanted it have the "wine" or "vineyard" look, felt much safer with those and they loved them.

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