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Left over clay Plus the Butterfly


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Okay I have lots of left over because darn it I like what they make. The barrettes are not left over they are for my grand daughters. The butterfly is from those wing canes I made. My next one I am going to add more wire to the front legs so it will fit on the side of a container candle. Right now I would have to make the back legs to short to fit on a container candle. The vase is left overs from a cane, but I did add more white to the cane left overs was really dark. I am thinking about crushing that can because it is to dark.


The beads I make out of left over clay nothing goes to waste in polymer clay. I think I like that the most about playing with it. I have more beads they are just not sanded and polished yet.













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That butterfly is amazing! I love all the work you have done with the clay. I bet the girls will love their barretts. Holy smokes I would love to have one of those! LOL But I can't get over the gorgeous butterfly!


I wouldn't be surprized if your next project was a portrait cane you could slice. Can you imagine?!!

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