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This is probably a dumb question!


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Do you ever get to where you smell of your tarts and can't smell them?

I got in several FO's from JS and Backwoods that have had good reviews but the CT is very light in the clamshells. There are a couple of coffee scents and honey gingerbread from BW. I was expecting them to all be stronger, especially since I have other coffee scents from JS that the ct is stronger. I haven't tried honey gingerbread before but was also expecting a stronger throw. I'm sure I need to melt them though to get a true idea of how they'll be.

I've been mixing 4625 with 6006 at 50/50. I know waxes with soy need to cure but this would still be mostly paraffin. Maybe it's just my nose! I've been sniffing so many things here lately!

I think I'm going to re-pour in a different wax and see if that makes a difference. Maybe I'll try 4794 alone when my order comes in.

I know it's probably a dumb question! Just wondered if anyone else ever had the same experience. I'm sure my nose is probably fried!

Thanks for any input!

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It's not dumb! I think sometimes our noses just get overwhelmed. lol. I had an open house a few weeks ago and I could not smell anything after I had made my wax melts and lip balm. I thought something was wrong with them but figured it was my nose and it was. Especially since everyone who came to shop could smell them. I don't use paraffin but I'm sure the same thing happens no matter what wax you use.

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This happened to me a lot I would read great reviews on an FO on this side try it and nothing. I remember that JS Caramel Apple took so long to cure in para soy and even then the scent was weak. I would also check the temperature of your wax when you pour your FO.

IMO A lot of JS FO are hit or miss, some are great but other just too weak. I never had any problems with BW their Honey Gingerbread worked great in para soy.

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You're right annie123. I've had some really weak oils from JS as I'm sure most here have. Occasionally though, she has a really great one! I think for some reason I'm just drawn to her website. I think it's the way she describes everything. It just sounds so yummy! LOL!

I took a basket to work today and they were all saying they could smell them so hopefully it's just my nose!

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