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Scentsy Warranty!!!!

gone country

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Ok I haven't posted much but I have definitely learned alot from all of you guys. Today I had a Sctsy rep inform me that if someone uses my melts in their warmers it voids their warranty. I was sort of surprised and stated that I hope people buy other melters besides Scntys because they sure were limiting themselves. I went on Scntsy website and sure enough it was written there. It also stated other melters could discolor their melters and the wax wouldn't melt. Hmmm...are they that desperate to mislead people like that? :(

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I've heard that. It's kind of like if you use something other than what it was made for it voids the warranty. Scenty's is a silly warranty. My number one question is "will they melt in a scentsy warmer?"

I haven't heard the one about their wax turning another warmer colors. That's silly too.

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I completely agree! I just did a show this weekend and I had several people ask me if mine will melt in a scentsy warmer and I point out the scentsy warmer that I have with mine melting in it. Gee I have never had any discolour it yet and I have had it for 2 years! Lol! My regulars tell me all the time how much better and cheaper mine are than scentsy's! In fact the Scentsy rep at the show actually came over and bought some of mine to try out! Lol! Yes they are grasping at straws because the feel the pinch from us! Lol!

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I agree with you all. I make melts and burn them in two different melters and they burn just fine. In fact, I use a oil burner that's made out of glass. I use it at the flea market most times and people stop to ask what's the fragrance and they buy my melts. Sounds like Scentsy is getting desperate. If I saw this message, I probably would not buy their melts because that means I would have to buy strictly from them and we live in a society where people want to buy whatever they choose.

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LOL. Scentsy is arrogant and proprietary.

Think of buying a really complex computer printer with lots of parts and a great deal of engineering for $50. Then paying three times that for a bit of ink that needs refill later. That's the profit model for big companies that sell printers. No, they are not in the printer sales business. They are in the ink business.

The way the printer companies keep ahead of the pirates who will sell clone ink is that the printer company will come out next year with a new model, discontinue the old model, discontinue the print cartridge and promote the new model. Folks who want to clone have a zillion printers to clone and can't do it feasibly. Folks who own a model that is out of date can't buy clone cartridges so they go back to the printer company.

Scentsy can't do that. Its easy to clone tarts. Er...um... make good tarts of our own that do better. So Scentsy scares folks into buying their tarts.

I learned something about neuroscience. People make decisions on a genetic level. We want to protect our genes, protect our offspring, and protect the prosperity of our offspring. So don't mess with me, my kids or my kid's future. Warranty is a protection. We feel protected when we have a "warranty." We want a car for our children that has a good "warranty" or a good safety rating. We would spend any amount of money for a car that we think will keep our daughters or sons safe in them. Take that protection away and we feel fear. (Long story as to why, but we do.)

So there you have it. Scentsy can't change the technology, so they create a false protection (ever read the warranty? It doesn't mean jack) and threaten to take away the protection if you don't buy their refills.

Ok, I will digress and tell you a story of how neuroscience was used in advertising many years ago. Folgers thought they had the best coffee in the USA and were number 17 on the charts. They hired a guy from France that understood neuroscience. He looked at the logo and advertising "Tastes Good" Remember that? Image of a coffee cup and advertising that it tasted good?

He watched people distort their face, frown and wrinkle their nose when they drank coffee and came to the conclusion that Americans HATE the taste of coffee. So why do we drink it?

Because when we were babies we smelled it. Our mothers held us in the morning and drank coffee and we smelled it and that is when we felt the safest. We associate the smell of coffee with safety. So the smell is what he zeroed in on. The logo was changed to a coffee cup with a wisp coming from it and the slogan to "Smells Good" and Folgers went to #2 on sales.

Tap into our fears and safety and you have a powerful advertisement campaign.

Create safety (warranty) and take it away (you didn't use our tarts) and you have neuroscience not only selling the product but folks going to arguments and fist fights over it.

Now, everyone, if you look up in this thread at the comments, you will see some passion and emotion. How do you think the passion and emotion was ignited over such a simple subject? Well, there is more to neuroscience, but you are seeing it in action.

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