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Where can I find Ginger EO and Jasmine EO?


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All of these places have very nice EOs. If you send AT an email they will send you a bulk password to buy in larger quantities. I have oils from all 4 of these places and have been very pleased with the quality. A couple of them have some unusual oils. Btw, check your PM.

New Directions Aromatics


Eden Botanicals (Also has lots of CO2 and Absolutes)


Anatolian Treasures (Beautiful oils)


Liberty Natural


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Thanks for the links. I love the information I am getting.

For now I settled on a ginger FO. I ordered Ginger Passion from Peaks. I just can't afford ginger EO and even if I could it would still drive the price up for those soaps I made with it. So I will try the ginger FO and see if that will suffice for now.

Forget the jasmine. Yowzer! The price is through the roof! I will just keep trying to find a suitable jasmine FO for CP.

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I have EBB's Wild Honeysuckle and it soaps like a dream! No A&D and it sticks in CP. Its a beautiful honeysuckle scent and I love it and so do my customers. No jasmine notes but its perfect cause I just wanted a straight soap safe honeysuckle and when I found this one I quit looking.

As far as jasmine goes I think with its high price the best I can do is wait or find a blend with some jasmine in it. I was just hoping that jasmine EO was affordable and that would have been perfect. Guess its not meant to be.

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