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ISO a Good Coconut FO


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Hi guys! I'm looking for a great throwing coconut in soy wax. I've tried Peaks Cocount Milk after searching the threads but for me it didn't have a strong HT for me in pure soy.

I've have a recommendation from The Candlemaker's Store but I'm not sure how their FO work in soy.

If anyone has any advice a great coconut I'd love to hear about it. Thank you so much! :-)

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Candlescience has a pretty good straight coconut. I usually use it to blend with other scents but it works well in 6006.

WSP has a really nice Carribian(sp?) Coconut that throws and smells great but it's pretty expensive.

I love Coconut but it seems hard for me to find a good one.

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Well, I avoid anything coconut, it makes me, well, vomit.

So, I just found a few testers that I needed to test (from a long time ago) and one was Amaretto Nog (CS). I smell nothing amaretto, nothing almond-y, and nothing nog. It isn't a coconut that will make me run, but it is the exact smell when I made coconut cream pies at my old job. It is creamy, kind of like a commercial whipped topping, but not heavy on vanilla, and it is a coconut.

I'm waiting for hubby to get home and smell it, he likes coconut, so he's more subjective, but to me it's coconut cream.

Candle Science has it listed as doing well in soy.

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