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  1. Started making test candles on the scents yesterday I am going to give them a few days to cure I will say that out of the bottle the WSP scents smell more like wine than the others but as expected they all smell alittle different in wax. I have about 10 more test scents to pour but I cant test them all at once (LOL I have Testers waiting to help ) I will keep you all posted . right now I am working with 464 Soy something about wine candles just screams put it in soy. Thank You Kimberly
  2. T/hey use crofters choice which in my opinion are not the strongest but If I dont like them I will try the other next time Thank you Night Light ! I will keep you all posted
  3. Well I went with WSP just because they have way more and they are 2 oz bottles keep you all posted !
  4. Wow This is from WSP they have good reviews Crafters Choice™ Wine Fragrance Oil Collection Set Contains: (1) 2 fl. oz - Black Magic Sangria Fragrance Oil (1) 2 fl. oz - Blackberry Bordeaux Fragrance Oil (1) 2 fl. oz - Cabernet Sauvignon Wine FO (1) 2 fl. oz - Chardonnay Wine Fragrance Oil (1) 2 fl. oz - Crisp Apple Ice Wine Fragrance Oil (1) 2 fl. oz - Merlot Wine Fragrance Oil (1) 2 fl. oz - Peach Sangria Fragrance Oil (1) 2 fl. oz - Pink Sangria* Fragrance Oil (1) 2 fl. oz - Wine About It Fragrance Oil Ok I am wondering which is better Natures Garden or WSP I have tried WSP but only a few Scents any input would be great I will check the review page
  5. Thank You glasllyn I will check that out ! i ordered the black cherry Merlot from CS and the Chardonnay will let you all know how it goes , Will be choosing one of the other distributors and picking some I will say that natures garden has the biggest selection I have seen so far at least 10 different wine scents I am not familliar with their oils and how they preform maybe I will glance at the review section see if they are in there !
  6. Thank You Sarah S I will check them out I know I bought something from them before CandleRush I was looking at that one they have a Chardonnay as well my friend bought the oil but has not put it in wax yet she said it smells great out of the bottle ! Thank You!
  7. Hello Everyone its been awhile ! I am looking for a supplier who does a variety of wine scents all my usual suppliers have one or two but I would like to not have to get them for a million different places My Usual's are Candle science, Bulk Apothacary, Aztec, I have ordered from many others but to many to list any suggestions would be appreciated (I have hooked up with a wine tasting group and we want candles most likley going to put them in 464 golden soy ! PS. if this is in the wrong topic let me know the site has changed a bit sense I have been on ! Thank You Kimberly
  8. Thank You Thank You Bfroberts! I know 12% is high but I have had good results in the past with it theese are Christmas candles I want them to be beautiful as well as smell good ! They are almost red but not quite !
  9. Hello Its been a long time but I am dabbling again Last night I poured 4630 paraffin candles in cinnamon apple and I used new color chips that were not as colorful as my old ones so I got light red instead of the dark red I was used to If I do a re pour will it effect the scent throw and if so can I just add a tad more fragrance I poured it a 12% Thank You for any thoughts Kim
  10. Hi Yes Essential oils I do do candles with fragrance oil also but this has come about from people asking me to do it ! It was going very well till this happened ! when I use my regular oil that I got from BA Or BB they turn out awesome nice smooth tops and awesome scent ! I will be dumping these as I cant see fit to someone having it be a fire hazard because they diluted with some unknown carrier ! Again I thank all of you you guys are so helpful when I have had and Issue
  11. I will and going to order from my regular supplier they will just have to wait ! Again Thank you guys so much !
  12. Ya I was wondering about that I actually burned one of the smaller ones today that did not look so bad but I watched it very carefully it smell awsome but I watched a bunch of bubbles rise that I suspect it had oil in I wont be selling those ! Thank You so much !
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