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  1. Thank You Thank You Bfroberts! I know 12% is high but I have had good results in the past with it theese are Christmas candles I want them to be beautiful as well as smell good ! They are almost red but not quite !
  2. Hello Its been a long time but I am dabbling again Last night I poured 4630 paraffin candles in cinnamon apple and I used new color chips that were not as colorful as my old ones so I got light red instead of the dark red I was used to If I do a re pour will it effect the scent throw and if so can I just add a tad more fragrance I poured it a 12% Thank You for any thoughts Kim
  3. Hi Yes Essential oils I do do candles with fragrance oil also but this has come about from people asking me to do it ! It was going very well till this happened ! when I use my regular oil that I got from BA Or BB they turn out awesome nice smooth tops and awesome scent ! I will be dumping these as I cant see fit to someone having it be a fire hazard because they diluted with some unknown carrier ! Again I thank all of you you guys are so helpful when I have had and Issue
  4. I will and going to order from my regular supplier they will just have to wait ! Again Thank you guys so much !
  5. Ya I was wondering about that I actually burned one of the smaller ones today that did not look so bad but I watched it very carefully it smell awsome but I watched a bunch of bubbles rise that I suspect it had oil in I wont be selling those ! Thank You so much !
  6. That is a 22oz candle I started doing3 winks in my 16 oz and up because if I dont they did not burn properly there is probably some sort of gage for that but seems to work for me i use LX18 in my soy candles and the zink equivalent in parrifin it works for me wha t would you suggest in a 22oz soy candle I would be willing to give it a try only been doing this for about a year and a half so I am still a newbie sort of
  7. Yea I think you might have it there ! There was one on the lemongrass side that was an oil from a co one of the aroma therapists here was promoting and they are small bet it was that was it darn it what a waste
  8. YES I ran out of oil had to run to the local natural food store but did not expect this I also used a small scale that is more precise and it seemed like all the bottles were short could it be the scale and I way over did the oils ? What if I remelt and repour ? Poking the craters does not sound like a product I can sell
  9. I made these candles before but not this big can I fix it ! Looks like mashed potatoes 21 dol in e-oil in theese candles please help me
  10. Also Lebermuth I can't afford that much to try something and Bulk a has specialty scents you don't find on Lebermuth maybe B A mixes them and sells them I don't know but I need my dupes hope this helps !
  11. I use Bulk A allot and for the most part I love them had one issue where the wicks lifted when I would pour the wax and one time the the midnight vanilla leaked alittle during shipping ! For the most part their oils are awesome ! I use them because their shipping is less than CS or Aztec which are my other favs I bought my last 50lb 4630 with no issues with in almost used it all already ! I know MARY the one you get when you ask tech questions by name on email you cant ask the chat they know nothing they will tell you everything is 3 % use in skin NOT ! Cucumber melon is .6 but you have to ask mary Just my o2 and I am still an newbie we are about a year into our adventure now
  12. I will order some PB thank you all for your suggestions ! @Moonstar @Chariste you guys Rock
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