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  1. @wthomas57 How strange, I noticed the opposite. For every 1lb of wax, I usually fill 2.67 of my 6 oz jars - that's with 1oz FO. The smaller one (which has roughly 4.2 oz of wax) I burn to test & keep for myself. When I used the Q210 I filled up almost three full jars as you can see in the picture I posted a bit ago. The one that is burned is almost full & I've never seen that happen. I don't fill my jars up to the very top because my cat will light her fur on fire trying to stay warm - which is why I don't make tins lol. Even though I don't fill them all the way up I am consistent in where I fill them to if that makes sense. That was only one small pour so obviously it's not absolute, but I wanted to throw that out there. @Waxxy I did not notice a chemical smell or smoking, sorry! The only thing I can think of to check would be to make a non-scented candle, burn it, & see if you still smell chemicals?
  2. Hi sorry y'all, I poured at 140. The min is supposed to be 145 but I'm so used to waiting & waiting until 110 that I missed that mark haha. It came out great though! I make lightly scented candles because that's just how my husband and I like them (we have fragrance sensitivities, so we'll get headaches etc. if I make them too strong). I won't be of much help with the FO side of things but by all means, high-jack the thread @Jenn-MN I'd love to hear everyone else's results.
  3. I used an Eco 10. That was always juuuust right for those jars with advanced so I'm not surprised that I'll need to wick up. Yes, I was too! I kept walking up to them as they were cooling and saying "whoah" because they just looked so good.
  4. I got to test mine & I need to increase my wick size, but these came out beautiful. They are incredibly smooth & I haven't seen any frosting
  5. Hopefully you can see that clearly, but it's about 18% for all of them. It says you can use Q210 for melts, but the reviews I have seen suggest using Q220 or Q230 because Q210 is the softest.
  6. Q210 available here: Sample Size Q210 - 5lbs (shipping weight 6lbs) $11 https://www.dpswax.com/products/view/05-Q210 Case Q210 - 45 lbs (shipping weight 47 lbs) $80.80 each unless you order 11 cases or more https://www.dpswax.com/products/view/45-Q210
  7. This was flagged as self-promotion of a blog site, but I am not a blogger. This is the only thing I have on my website. I am not selling wax, and I am not even selling candles right now. I put this information into a post so that I could share more easily. I found a distributor who has the new Ecosoya Q210 in stock! I am not an affiliated with this company but I know lots of us have been hunting so I wanted to share what I found. The distributor is DPS Wax, a division of SuteCo Energy Solutions, LLC, based out of New Lenox, IL. They only have Q210 in stock right now. They do not process payments through their website so once you place an order they will call or email you to collect payment. The shipping cost for the sample size is not accurate as of 08/21/17. If you go through to checkout do not be alarmed by the estimated shipping price of $43.38. My actual shipping cost for a sample bag was $20.25. That was shipped from IL to NC. I spoke with a very nice woman who was quick to tell me of the actual shipping price. Sample Size Q210 - 5lbs (shipping weight 6lbs) $11 https://www.dpswax.com/products/view/05-Q210 Case Q210 - 45 lbs (shipping weight 47 lbs) $80.80 each unless you order 11 cases or more https://www.dpswax.com/products/view/45-Q210 Below are some helpful documents about the new wax. I found these on the distributor's website under resources. https://www.dpswax.com/resources
  8. Hi, everyone! I found a distributor who has the new EcoSoya Q210 in stock!! I wrote a little post about it because their website is a little odd and I talked to them directly a couple of times to answer questions I had. I typed it up just to help Y'all - this is not to promote anything. DPS in Illinois. I had just launched my candle business, took a break to move from TX to NC & when I was ready to start again I realized what had happened. I've been hunting for a sample of the new stuff so I hope this helps someone else! edited: self promotion of blog site.
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