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  1. Hi All I am looking for some FO Suppliers who mainly supplies simple scent but not complicated blended scent. TFC and Aztec are great choices but I wish I could find more suppliers like them. I want to blend some scents myself based on my local culture rather than blending scents based on some pre-blended scents.
  2. I could image the scent would be like men cologne and not realistic.
  3. Most of the FO I found are quite good in smelling But I am curios where I can find some FO that's has unpleasant smell. Thanks a lot.
  4. Did anyone have known any FO that with true black coffee? I tried some from NS and CS, they smells little bit sweet to me.
  5. If it is not related to health issue, it is unsafe to buy FO from such a supplier changing their formulation frequently. It is unwised to do business with un-stable FO supply.
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