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  1. I will not tell you my pour temp and shouldn't be asked, that's up to you to figure out on your own as I did. It's common sense if you are pouring I at a temp and u keep having issues you try a different temp. It's all a part of testing. The definition of scoff is speak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way. "department officials scoffed at the allegations" I would like to point out to you that this is text. Your mood dictates how text is read. Sorry if you are in a bad or grumpy mood and refer to my text as being scornful. I'm simply commenting. You as an admin taking a jab at someone for commenting on a post is priceless though. I really do not have to be here it makes no difference to me. I was told how great this board is and invited to join. But I will not blow smoke up someone's Ass either as some do. I've worked with this wax for my containers for years. It is the only wax that I use for my containers,so yes I do know what I'm talking about. If you want to make a candle great, if you want to keep complaining about issues instead of taking advice then that's fine as well. This is my last post Good day to all. (Side note) I am talking in my normal tone for anyone that is thinking differently.
  2. The ky133 not a parasoy blend i know but when I first tried it I got lumps and bumps. What actually solved the lumps and bumps was a longer cooling time. I placed my tray on top of the Presto pot and left. When I came back I had smooth tops. Idk if that would help with your dips.
  3. That's what happens. The longer the sit the stronger they get in most cases. The lids aren't a concern for me,I'm just wondering about rusting because there is no coating on them. The blue is so pretty I want it to work lol. I told u about the cotton ball thing. So I go look and it's something called little squirts or something like that and they squirt it on a cotton ball and put in a cup. They charge. $0.25 each πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Squirts are something u put in the trash can they say the fragrance last for hours.
  4. I like REs butterscotch marshmallow. I think it would over power the chocolate though. To me it's super strong.
  5. Why do u need to determine that? Adjust your pour temp and try again. You are making things harder than they are. You are being given your answer and you now have to determine something else. Nobody helped me I tested and tested but in all my testing I never had holes. Candle making isn't for everyone that's for sure. I seen someone (not here)calculating her costs and had nearly 7$ for her wax on a 7 oz candle. Kinda makes u wonder about her Candle making if her math isn't right for costsπŸ˜‚
  6. Well unfortunately that comes with the territory. I think all will agree. Test test test. Trial and error
  7. Is the Apple butter spicy? I'm testing to see if I get rust. The lids aren't polypropylene they are pet. I just seen their ad on Amazon. Hopefully they don't cause issues for u after your hard work.
  8. It will always be 1 that will order the "large" not knowing how many ounces it is and they will think its small. Not having the weight gives no detail on the actual size without dimensions.
  9. It reminds me of the little red hot candies. People love this scent it's a good thrower too
  10. Perhaps you are not comprehending what you read because this is what you said in your original post. If you go to candlewic site and read it does not say that's the pour temp SO your holes are in fact coming from pouring way to hot. @Kerven even pointed it out to you. This is a true 1 pour. I have worked with this wax for numerous years. You do not have to do all this extra. If you pour at the correct temp you will get an amazing candle every single time.
  11. The hearts would be really cute for scoops and the others would look super cute for bakery scoops especially since the way the lids are designed for them. You can really dress them up. I think a firmer wax would help. Now I'm wondering about rust.
  12. They could be. Only way to find out is to test. Sure would be great since they are so close to u and they have a bunch of nice fragrances,even though some are the same with different names.
  13. Weight. You have a weight on the paw prints,but I didn't see on the hearts etc.
  14. @ShelleyF I got my samples in today of the containers. The blue is gorgeous. I believe I might want to mix in a harder wax with 4627. The cups are flimsy. If shipping out I don't think they would survive especially in the summer. My lil cup was dented just from shipping to me. The 4 oz fits perfectly on the warmers that I tried today. I also got the 8oz,4 inch and the heart. I thought the heart would be good for vday scoops. I was expecting them to be a bit thicker tho
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