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  1. ScentedPleasurez

    I s o Island Baby fo

    This was not a custom blend my mom ordered it years ago and it smelled so good. I only have a small sample of the scent in wax and have been searching for it online but can't find it. She doesn't remember where she ordered it from. To me it smells like loves baby soft with coconut and papaya maybe?? Has anyone heard of this fo ?
  2. ScentedPleasurez

    Retail Candle Reviews

    The best candle that I have found retail has got to be colonial candles. I loved the oval container. They are 22 oz and are $25 normally. I bought it because it was on clearance and the container. Melon was the one that I picked up and while it didn't carry through the house it did the entire upstairs. Pretty sure they are paraffin wax. They burned great, however halfway down the container was extremely hot, and by the time it was finished it was a decent amount of sooting which I'm sure some came from me tilting to blow out. Lol. I make no weekly trips to Wal-Mart just to see the candle section. I take notes on what's empty on their shelves lol. Picked up a few melts to test since so many have been doing reviews on YouTube with them..
  3. ScentedPleasurez

    Candy Christmas

    It reminds me of the old ribbon candy my grandpa used to get at christmas
  4. ScentedPleasurez

    Golden wax for tarts and melts

    Scanning around as i usually do i came across GOLDEN WAX MELT AND TART SOY WAX at candle science. Has anyone used this and if so what's your thoughts?
  5. ScentedPleasurez

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    Exactly lol.😂😂
  6. ScentedPleasurez

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    They say machines are better than humans. 😂 place another check in why homemade is better
  7. ScentedPleasurez

    Anyone tried Meyers?

    Soy wax is cheaper than my wax and not all essential oils are the same. I haven't tried them,but 2 of my customers have. 1 didn't like them and the other said that it was okay,but didn't fill the room with fragrance. Idk which scent either of them had
  8. ScentedPleasurez

    Help me find this bottle/jar

    Have you tried new Berlin? Containers and packaging or sks? They are on Amazon as well but a bit pricey there
  9. ScentedPleasurez

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    You really do meet a lot of nice people doing what we do. I hope you enjoy going through your goodies you ordered. I'm interested in some more RE fo, if you get any that you don't like let me know. Lol.
  10. ScentedPleasurez

    Warming oils

    Does anyone substitute a carrier instead of using dpg?
  11. ScentedPleasurez

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    O m g. Do u even know what U ordered? Lol Whatever feeds the addiction lol. I know someone else that does that with the clothes,they save and buy jewelry lol
  12. ScentedPleasurez

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    they can help you with the scent description I'm sure,and costs
  13. ScentedPleasurez

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    Love the coconut bay type. You buy alot of destash, I might be interested in their clearance/surplus scents. They are only 8.99 for 16oz and all have good throw imo. Can't really beat that price nowadays..
  14. ScentedPleasurez

    My new written commercial lol

    Congrats on the sale!
  15. ScentedPleasurez

    Bittercreek Apple Juice FO

    Rub it in on how good it smells! I had to order a plain Apple. I tried telling them it's really just no plain apple, do u want red or green because there is a difference. I got a crazy look lol