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  1. aptommo

    8 quart Presto Pot

    Sellers on Amazon have it starting at $40 for the 8 quart https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00OKYJ2TW
  2. aptommo

    Best wickless scent throw

    I think for the soy wax I use, I've gotten it down but I was mainly asking about parsoy blends or straight up paraffin. There are so many options that before I start buying some to test I thought I'd ask suggestions on which you all find has the best throw for the least amount of FO, in general.
  3. It's so strong, I literally cannot get it off my hands! lol
  4. My order arrived and I can tell you that all of the 11 scents I got smell fantastic just smelling in the bottle, even the ones I don't love I recognize is a personal preference of smell and not because it's a bad oil. The shipping was fast and they have great customer service. I'm really excited for 5 of the 11 to get into wax and see how they do! Here's what I ordered: Sleigh Ride Cinnamon Buns Caramel Swirl Wildberry Chamomile Autumn Magic Those are the ones I'm really excited to try out. Mon Amour Love Desert Fairy Dust Northwoods Winter Morning Beneath The Stars I'll definitely use them all eventually. I have a box of scents I've ordered 1oz of that will never be used because either I feel the oil isn't good for my wax or I just can't tolerate the scent lol. Side note: They included a sample votive with Flower Bomb in the box and it's all I smell now. I can't get the scent off my hands!!! If you love the smell of flowers, that would be fantastic. I however, do not. 😷
  5. aptommo

    Just bought some new soap boxes

    Very nice! Are you leaving them natural or painting?
  6. aptommo

    Best wickless scent throw

    I know the fragrance varies in scent and supplier, but I'm curious what wax you all find has the best throw. Not just soy but paraffin, soy, blends, coconut, etc. Prefer answers from those that have played around with different waxes using the same FO. I use the max FO in all my melts and they are good but damn I turn around and I'm out of oil so fast if I'm not buying mass quantities and I know some of the blends require less. Sorry if this has been discussed in this section, I did a search and only saw a few threads on people having throw issues. Thanks!!
  7. aptommo

    Just scent recommendations

    @Jenni Wix Vanilla Bomb is my favorite of all their vanilla. It's just a strong but smooth vanilla that's not too 'bean' smelling if that makes sense? The Lavender Rocks smells like the best mixes of a strong herbal Lavender like when you go get a facial or massage and a familiar fruity fragrance I can't quite put a finger on. I know I'm Sunshinee at explaining this!! The Becky's Ultimate is really great also. The Vanilla Bean Noel smells the same as Aztec if you've had theirs, both are BBW I believe. I haven't had the Vanilla King yet but it was on my order from today to sample. I'm a lover of all things vanilla as well.
  8. aptommo

    Just scent recommendations

    I've ordered from Azetc twice and used a credit card before I saw the warning. I haven't seen anything suspicious so I think @Jenni Wix is right about them taking care of the issue. No reputable company allows that to continue. Also agree on the Candle Science. I have loved all their fragrances I've tried. I have ordered multiples from Just Scent though too, just today I ordered another batch of one of their fragrances I really loved the 1oz sample of.
  9. I have a sample pack arriving on Monday so I can give some input on my thoughts too
  10. aptommo

    Decorating Wax Melts

    If you just want to add a little something, I use an acrylic paint brush and just brush this onto the tops of mine, especially if I have some that are frosted a bit more than I like. I've used it a ton and the container still looks like new so a little goes a very long way! It also melts just fine and actually looks very pretty in dark colors that are fully melted. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GH3PWS6 Mica Powder Pigment/Flake “Icicle” It goes on so nicely - here's a couple I used it on
  11. aptommo

    My Username should be Confused!

    I just realized I typed Amber as my name and I have no idea why I did that. It's my middle name and I literally never have gone by that in my life. My first name is Cristina! And yes, thank you! It's fun!
  12. aptommo

    My first craft fair is Saturday!

    WOW from the first to the last! That's inspiring to me thank you so much for sharing!! Also the pic with the green tables, what is holding up all your signs? I can't quite make it out!
  13. I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience adding some airbrushing of colors to the top of candles or to wax melts? I'm looking for a certain thing I can't get with dye alone and thought instead of trying to sloppily brush on with the acrylic maybe I could find an airbrush or something like?
  14. aptommo

    Beer Can Candle

    I'd ask @MilosCandles since I know they make these!
  15. Thanks so everyone that responded. I have some real solid ideas for display finally!! 🎈