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  1. aptommo

    5 Best Bakery Scents

    Yes coffee is a big draw for me too and I just noticed I haven't made any for my craft fair, some with apple pie. Yikes. Oh well. Also Coffee Cake and Spice from Bulk Apothecary is really nice.
  2. aptommo

    Ace Hardware Label - Which one?

    Wow. I need to be more bold then! I had no idea it was that easy. I've been avoiding chains. I do wonder how to present the wax melts for display because I wouldn't want people picking stuff out of the tins, I'd want to seal them with shrink so then maybe a tester/sniffer of some sort? I don't suppose that's a big issue with actual candles.
  3. aptommo

    Next Craft Fair Coming!

    Okay so I have everything done I think. I don't want to do too much more, if any. I'm under that 2 week window of cure time and some that I wanted to do I had to skip because I didn't have time to test the FO with my wax. Here's what I came up with, what do you guys think? Enough variety?? Berries & Cream Black Strap Molasses Caribbean Coconut = Caribbean Vacation Ho Ho Ho = Chocolate Dreams Clean Cotton Coffee Cake Cotton Candy Creme Brulee Cream Cheese Frosting Dragonfruit Poptail Grape Soda Hansel & Gretel's House Lava Flow Poptail Lavender Vanilla Leather Love Spell Sex Bomb Lush Type = Lush Bomb Maple Pancakes Sugar Cookie Vanilla Buttercream = Ultimate Vanilla Winterberry Wonder & Berrylicious Yankee Type = (Wonderberry) Witches Brew
  4. aptommo

    Ace Hardware Label - Which one?

    I like the first one too! Also can I ask how you secure selling in a chain type store like ACE and Tractor Supply?
  5. aptommo

    5 Best Bakery Scents

    I was honestly surprised at my craft fair at how few I sold. I even had it melting and everyone commented on how good it smelled but most bought something else. I took 28 bags and returned with 19. I still love it, it's one of my favorite smells ever and I'll melt it all myself. I do wonder if it was sold as another name if it would be any better?
  6. aptommo

    5 Best Bakery Scents

    WSP Cream Cheese Frosting WSP Brown Sugar VA Candle Peppermint Bark WSP Ho Ho Ho, which I renamed Chocolate Delight for non holiday times. It's the most scrumptious chocolate I've ever smelled. Aztec Black Strap Molasses
  7. aptommo

    Precise pouring

    That is exactly what I do. I have been known to pop it in the microwave for a few seconds if I don't move fast enough!
  8. I also use a ladle and scoop it into my waiting Pyrex measuring cup/bowl. I lose a bit of heat but I find that if I let the wax heat to just over 200 degrees then ladle it into my bowl it's just under about 190 at that point. Then I go ahead and add in any colors I plan to use and when it gets down to 180-185 I add the FO.
  9. aptommo

    Precise pouring

    I tend to use these the most especially for smaller molds. They are small and the pour is really accurate. You have to move fast but it saves me so much wasted wax and clean up time! 3 Pcs Silicone Measuring Cup https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DC225TZ If I'm pouring into very very small molds like embeds, I tend to just use the pipettes for those for the same reasons!
  10. 14% off everything using coupon code Valentine
  11. aptommo

    Golden Wax 416

    I find it works okay on melts if you don't plan to look at the part that's exposed while cooling. Like my bears and the deep hearts that once you pull from the molds you flip over anyhow. The frosting didn't seem to be on the parts that actually had contact with the mold. I only got a 5lb bag of this so I've only used it a few times but the results were okay. Not any worse than the 494 which frosts quite a bit too!
  12. Yeah I didn't want to go overboard but a few of them sounded like I might regret only getting that 1oz!
  13. I bought from them for their 6oz tins and white liquid dye. In that order I did get the Cinnamon but I haven't tried it out yet. It does smell really good OOB. I just placed another order now for these: Shopping cart Product image Description Quantity Price 1 Spiced Mahogany1 oz. bottle 1 $1.00 1 Hawaiian Wind1 oz. Bottle 1 $1.00 1 Fireside1 oz. Bottle 1 $1.00 2 Cookies & Cream1 oz. Bottle 2 $2.00 1 Bayberry1 oz. Bottle 1 $1.00 3 Cinnilla (50% CV 50% C)1 oz. Bottle 3 $3.00 1 Banana Nut Bread1 oz. Bottle 1 $1.00 2 Hazelnut Coffee1 oz. Bottle 2 $2.00 3 Monkey Farts1 oz. Bottle 3 $3.00 1 Hot Apple Pie1 oz. Bottle 1 $1.00 1 Leather and Lace1 oz. Bottle 1 $1.00
  14. aptommo

    Next Craft Fair Coming!

    I'm just trying to not add tooooo much to my table but I really want to display things that don't really work in a tin as well. If these had been another 1/2 inch taller my bears would have worked. Maybe I'll look for something just slightly larger and I can put all 3 in!